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Ukraine – Russia. The transport of gifts for the fighting Ukraine, organized on the initiative of the Senate by the Polish Business Council PRB, has started

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is on its 286th day. On Tuesday, a transport of gifts for the fighting Ukraine, organized on the initiative of the Senate by the Polish Business Roundtable, left Lublin. President of PRB Wojciech Kostrzewa appealed to all entrepreneurs to continue the work of helping Ukraine.

In two trucks that went to Ukraine, there are about 5,000 pairs of warm shoes worth over a million zlotys, which will go to soldiers at the front. During the press conference in Lublin, the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, thanked everyone who contributed to this action.

– It is part of the great effort of Polish women and men who hosted – and not in refugee centers – millions, mainly mothers and small children from Ukraine fleeing war and death. Dozens of companies that spare no effort to support the fighting Ukrainian people in every way, because they are fighting for us. This is a clash of the civilization of the free world with the civilization of barbarians and murderers, said Grodzki.

A conference dedicated to the transport with gifts for the fighting UkrainePAP/Wojtek Jargiło

“A modest contribution to help the heroic Ukrainian people survive this winter”

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He noted that the initiative of the Senate was possible thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Business Council and the Economic Council. He thanked their members that they quickly raised money and ordered shoes from a Polish manufacturer.

– Why shoes? Because we were pressed for time; a harsh winter is coming, especially there in eastern Ukraine, and if you don’t have a jacket, you can wear three extra sweaters (…), while in the trenches – there is a term in medicine: trench foot – if you don’t have good shoes, a soldier suffers terribly. And that is why we decided that this is the first need that we agreed with Ukrainian commanders and authorities responsible for citizens – argued the Marshal of the Senate.

In his opinion, this initiative is “a modest contribution to the heroic Ukrainian nation surviving this winter and winning the war against the aggressor, who without the slightest reason attacked an independent, free country, only because the Ukrainian nation wants to join the family of the free world and escape from the Russian yoke.

Help for Polish entrepreneurs

The President of the Polish Business Roundtable, Wojciech Kostrzewa, emphasized that economic circles have been constantly operating since February 24 this year, when Russia attacked Ukraine, they are taking action for Ukraine.

– We appeal to all entrepreneurs to continue this work of helping Ukraine, which they started nine months ago because there is a fight for the free market, for our freedom, and in fact for the future of all Europe – said Kostrzewa.

Preparation of a transport with gifts for the fighting UkrainePAP/Wojtek Jargiło

The chairman of the Economic Council at the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland and the vice-president of the Polish Business Roundtable, Zbigniew Jakubas, said that three weeks ago the Marshal of the Senate asked him about the support for the fighting Ukraine in warm clothing, specifically shoes.

– Of course, there could be only one answer (…) Within four days we collected over a million zlotys and the Protektor company from Lublin made over 5,000 pairs of shoes for us over the next few days. The initiative of the Senate turned into action. I believe that this is our duty – as economic circles, we support the struggling Ukraine, and we will certainly support it until the end, Jakubas assured.

Main photo source: PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

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