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Ukraine-Russia. They counted Russian losses in the war. “Brutal tactics”

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According to British Military Intelligence Russian losses were higher, averaging 1,200 Russians a day in May died or were injured war with Ukraine. But Russia is able to recruit every month 25-30 thousand soldiers, and then they, in turn, are sent to the front in waves, in the hope of breaking through the Ukrainian defense – reports the American daily.

It is a way of fighting that Russian soldiers compare to being thrown into a meat grinder by their officers. They do not seem to notice that they send infantry to certain death – writes “NYT”, referring to the Russians' posts on social media.

Ukraine-Russia. Brutal tactics of Russian commanders. “Dramatic starts”

Sometimes this tactic turns out to be effective – such as during the fighting for Avdiivka in the Donetsk Oblast – but military analysts, both Ukrainian and Western, estimate that this spring it stopped bringing results and despite the very numerous victims The Russians failed e.g. conquer the areas around Kharkov.

In an interview for the editorial board of the “NYT” General secretary NATO Jens Stoltenberg said that this spring Russian troops tried to break through the Ukrainian defense lines, but the Russians “they tried and failed.” “They have made very little progress and they are paying for it extremely high price” – added Stoltenberg.

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The number of casualties on the Russian side has been reported before. very highbut their losses were high in May, during intense attacks near Kharkov and along the entire eastern front especially dramatic and were among the highest since the beginning of the war – writes “NYT”, quoting British intelligence findings.

This way of waging war forces Russia to quickly sending new forces to the frontwhich means that the soldiers who go there, they are not well trainedand therefore it is difficult to create compact, efficient units, which in turn increases the number of victims – explains “NYT”.

War in Ukraine. How many Russians died on the front?

Boss Pentagon Lloyd Austin recently assessed that since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine in February 2022 died at least 35,000 Russian soldiers. British intelligence estimates that the number of Russians killed or wounded exceeds 500 thousand

US data is based on analysis of satellite images, intercepted communications, media information, social media posts, as well as official Ukrainian and Russian reports from the front, but even among US administration officials there are differences of opinion regarding the scale of Russian human losses – says “NYT”.

However, the question arises, how long Russia will be able to wage war this wayconsidering that weapons have already arrived in Ukraine from US aid package worth $60 billion.

The Russians still have it superiority of fire, but much smaller than before. In addition, Ukrainians can now use American long-range weapons for destroying targets located in Russia itself. Representatives of the US administration interviewed by the New York Times believe that this change is already having the desired effects, e.g. because it allows destroy Russian artillery positions.

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