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Ukraine – Russia. WSJ: Patriots became war heroes, Ukraine will get another one

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Patriot air defense systems have become the main protagonist of Ukraine’s defense against Russian attack. Ukraine is now repelling most airborne threats against Kiev, notes the Wall Street Journal. The manufacturer plans to deliver five more batteries to Ukraine by the end of 2024, the newspaper adds.

Patriots turn out to be indispensable for Ukrainian air defense units, defending military groupings, as well as cities and critical infrastructure facilities. The authorities in Kiev praise the American launchers, emphasizing that they are the only type of armament with which it is possible to shoot down Russian ballistic missiles, writes “WSJ”.

PatriotUS Army photo by Eugen Warkentin/DVIDS

By combining Patriots with other Western systems as well as Soviet-era weapons, Ukraine it now repels most of the airborne threats directed against Kiev – from ballistic and cruise missiles to drones – emphasized on the “WSJ” portal.

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– No one was 100% sure that the Patriot was able to destroy the (Russian – ed.) Kh-47 Kinzhal hypersonic missile. Ukrainians proved it. (…) Officers in partner countries told me that they are now learning how to use the Patriots from us, said Ukrainian Colonel Serhiy Yaremenko, commander of the 96th air defense brigade defending Kiev, in an interview with the daily.

– We are the best promoters of the Patriots – added Andriy Yermak, head of the office (chancellery) of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Kiev has two Patriot batteries, it is to receive five more

The Ukrainian army currently has two full batteries of the Patriot system, including launchers, radar and a control station. Raytheon Technologies, which produces these weapons, is increasing production to 12 systems a year and plans to deliver five more batteries to Kiev by the end of 2024, according to the “WSJ” website.

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As the president of the company Gregory Hayes admitted, the American side was “very surprised” by the effectiveness of the Patriots, which – along with other air defense systems – intercept about 90 percent. hostile targets aimed at Ukraine. According to Hayes, the command in Kiev modified the software, gaining the ability to shoot down missiles traveling up to twice as fast as those that the launchers were designed to neutralize.

PatriotsTwitter @oleksiireznikov

According to budget documents PentagonEach Patriot battery costs about $1 billion, and a single interceptor costs $4 million. Given these circumstances, the Ukrainian military must spare the Patriots and choose their targets carefully.

Patriots are like a “spaceship”

Colonel Yaremenko admitted that the Ukrainians quickly realized how advanced the system was at their disposal and how much it differed from its Soviet counterparts.

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“If you buy a 1989 car and then switch to a 2020 car, you’ll probably feel the difference. (Patriot) is a spaceship, the commander assessed.

PatriotAbaca Press/Forum

Training of Ukrainian soldiers on the operation of the Patriot launcher began in January 2023 at the Fort Sill base in Oklahoma in the south USA. The American missile systems were delivered to the Ukrainian army in April 2023. Shortly afterwards, on May 4, the Patriot was used in the first confirmed kill of a Russian Kinzhal missile, the American daily recalled.

Main photo source: Twitter @oleksiireznikov

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