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Ukraine, Russian aggression. Obrońca Siewierodoniecka: We fight for every house, every street. It looks like a computer game

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The opponent has a clear advantage in Siewierodoniecko. They constantly attack, shoot and destroy. We literally fight for every house and street – reported the commander of the battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, Captain Petro Kuzyk.

National Guard battalion commander Ukrainewho fights in SeverodonetskCaptain Petro Kuzyk spoke with Radio Swoboda.


– The opponent has a decisive advantage in gun artillery, the number of tanks, and perhaps also the number of soldiers, and is actively using these advantages. They constantly attack, shoot, destroy houses, our fortifications. We must constantly maneuver. We tried to counterattack – sometimes successfully, sometimes not too much. There was also a constant pressure on their part. Some units were forced to withdraw one block of flats, and others kept their positions, including ours, Kuzyk reported.

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He said that the fight in Siewierodoniecko was “literally for every house and street”. – The fights are terrible and fought with great intensity. It literally looks like a computer game “Counter-Strike” – he said

Severodonetsk, UkrainePAP / EPA

According to the commander, the enemy fights in an uncoordinated, chaotic manner, focusing mainly on numerical superiority and disregarding the lives of his own soldiers. – The Russians are carrying out incomprehensible attacks of infantry, which we call “cannon fodder”. We keep destroying them, and they throw new forces into the fight. Our information shows that they have deployed more reserves – said the captain of the National Guard.

– We are waiting for deliveries of new equipment, we especially need artillery and (…) tanks. In addition to relying on the efficiency of our troops, we also need to have sufficient strength and means to fight – added the interlocutor of Radio Swoboda.

Severodonetsk the main target of the Russians

Serhiy Haydai, the head of the Luhansk region authorities, made similar reports on Monday morning. In his opinion, the fights in Siewierodonieck are fought with variable luck. – After the successful counter-attack, the Ukrainian forces managed to recapture almost half of the city, but now the situation has deteriorated a bit for us again – the governor emphasized on Ukrainian television, noting that Ukrainian troops maintain positions in the industrial district.

The capture of Severodonetsk – the informal capital of the part of the Luhansk region controlled by the government in Kiev – remains the most important goal of the Kremlin’s invasion in eastern Ukraine. Before the Russian aggression, the city had a population of over 100,000. Currently, there are still about 12-13 thousand people there.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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