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Ukraine. Soldiers: Russia is transferring new Proriv tanks to Bakhmut

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The progress of the Russian troops in Bakhmut is very slow, the occupiers have to pay with their own blood for every street and every building, said Oleksandr, a soldier of the 93rd independent mechanized brigade “Zimny ​​Yar”, on Ukrainian television. A defender of Bakhmut said that Russia is transferring new Proryw tanks to this city, which are to destroy “building after building”.

Oleksandr (the media does not give his name) said that the Russians suffer heavy losses in Bakhmut, “they are doing worse during the ongoing street fighting.” “They’ve become a little less ‘cheeky’ now,” he added. They’ve been rotating in the last week. They don’t spare people, said the soldier.

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He communicated that Russia transfers new Proryw tanks to Bakhmut, which are to destroy “building after building”. “But the Russian infantry is not the same as it was a few months ago when they wanted to carry out a blitzkrieg,” he noted.

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Russian Proriv tank (illustration photo)mil.ru

The occupiers must “pay with their own blood”

The city’s defender also said that the current efforts of the Russians are focused on seizing the railway line that separates the western and central parts of Bakhmut.

“The progress of the Russian troops is very slow, the occupiers have to pay with their own blood for every street, every building,” said Oleksandr. He estimated that the achievements of the Russians during the day are “20 meters of land and one building.”


The situation at the front

In Saturday’s report on the situation at the front, the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces announced that currently the heaviest fighting in Donbass they are fighting for Bakhmut and Mariinka. The occupiers are also launching systematic attacks on towns located in the vicinity of these two cities.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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