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Ukraine. The Battle of Bakhmut. Yevgeny Prigozhin complains about the expenses of the Wagner Group

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Pro-Kremlin businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin said his mercenary formation, the Wagner Group, needed $1 billion a month for its participation in the Bakhmut offensive. The city in the Donetsk region is still defending itself. The Wagnerians suffer heavy human losses there.

The press service of the sanctioned entrepreneur published a recording in which Yevgeny Prigozhin was asked if he could pay the mercenaries out of his own pocket. He replied that the Wagner Group storming Bakhmut needed at least a billion dollars a month. This statement was quoted by the independent Russian portal The Insider.

The costs include, among other things, the purchase of ammunition. The Wagner group, as Prigozhin argued, needs 10,000 tons of ammunition a month, while the average price of a kilogram is $50. In addition, the mercenaries, their boss enumerated, needed tanks, machine guns and anti-tank missiles.


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Wagner Group mercenaries make up a large percentage of Russian forces attacking Bakhmut. According to British intelligence reports, they have taken control of most of the eastern part of this city, while Ukrainian forces hold its western part.

The documentary “Wagnerzy. Putin’s mercenaries” is available on Player.pl.

Ukrainian troops shelling Russian positions near BakhmutReuters

The scale of damage in Bakhmut on satellite photosMAXAR TECHNOLOGIES/PAP/EPA

The scale of damage in Bakhmut on satellite photos MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES/PAP/EPA

Prigozhin asks for state money

Prigozhin complained in the video that “the state that owns gas, gold and coal does not want to give money to buy ammunition.” He maintained that he had no “political ambitions” himself and pleaded with the authorities Russia for funds.

Previously, Prigozhin had complained that “they wouldn’t let him into Russian ministries” and that he had been cut off from “a government communication channel.” He also claimed that at present he can influence the situation in which his formation found itself only with the help of the media.


The mercenaries of the Wagner Group die en masse at Bakhmut. “Their story is coming to an end there”

Recruitment centers in 42 cities

According to Ukrainian experts, most of the Wagner Group’s mercenaries died in the battles of Bakhmut. This applies mainly to recruited prisoners of penal colonies.

Prigozhin said Friday that the Wagner Group had opened recruitment centers in 42 Russian cities to replenish its ranks after heavy casualties in the war in Donbass.

A pro-Kremlin businessman claimed that Ukrainian forces had formed special units to block mercenary attacks. He predicted that if the Wagner Group withdrew from Bakhmut, “the front would collapse all the way to the borders of Russia.”

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Main photo source: REUTERS

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