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Ukraine, the invasion of Russia. The situation in Severodonetsk, in eastern Ukraine. Analyzes by the Institute for War Research of the Institute of Military Affairs

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Ukrainians are carrying out effective counterattacks in Severodonetsk, thanks to which they regained control over “large areas” of the city, assessed the US Institute for War Research (ISW). According to analysts, the successes of the defenders in the Kremlin’s priority direction indicate that the Russians are losing their fighting strength.

In a daily report, the American Institute for War Research (ISW) reported that the Russians continued to transfer troops and weapons to Swiewierodoniecka and Lisiczańska. Nevertheless, in the last 48 hours, Ukrainian forces successfully counterattacked there and pushed the Russians back to the eastern outskirts of the city and drove them out of the southern suburbs.

“The ability of the Ukrainian forces to successfully counterattack in Severodonetsk, in the Kremlin’s priority area of ​​operations at present, is another sign of the declining combat power of Russian troops in Ukraine,” the experts assessed.

ISW analysts, citing Russian sources, said that the Ukrainians also launched a counterattack north of Kharkiv in the northeast of Ukraine. According to the American institute, this is a signal that Ukrainian forces continue to put pressure on the Russian defense lines near the Ukrainian-Russian border.

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“The Ukrainians are probably trying to take advantage of the fact that Russia has focused on attacking Severodonetsk,” experts from the Institute of Contemporary Affairs point out.

Russian soldier near Severodonetsk, May 22, 2022Alexander Reka / TASS / FORUM

Severodonetsk, UkrainePAP / EPA

The aggressors lose another general and attack Kyiv with rockets

The report also drew attention to reports that the Ukrainian forces liquidated another one Russian general, Roman Kutuzovwho was to die in the Battle of Popasna in the Luhansk region. The death of Kutuzov was confirmed by the Ukrainian army on Sunday night. According to the ISW, this is at least the seventh Russian general killed in Ukraine since the invasion began.

Why has Russia lost so many generals in Ukraine? The expert indicates five reasons

Russian forces launched the first missile attack on Kyiv in more than a month on Sunday. According to information from the Ukrainian authorities, confirmed by satellite photos, Russian maneuvering missiles hit railway car repair facilities. Russia claims that the targets were T-72 tanks donated to Ukraine by the countries of Eastern Europe.

Rocket attacks on KyivReuters / Forum

It is unclear whether the Russians actually aimed at the tanks and missed, or whether they were deliberately trying to mislead as to the target of the attack.

“The attack on Kyiv probably indicates that Russian forces continue to hit Ukrainian infrastructure outside of key areas of Ukraine to disrupt Ukrainian logistics, while Russian forces suffer significant losses in the Donbas,” the US Institute for War Research said.

Main photo source: Alexander Reka / TASS / FORUM

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