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Ukraine. The most important events of recent hours (Monday, February 26, 2024)

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The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been going on for two years and two days. – In the war between Ukraine and Russia, 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers died, and the opposing side irretrievably lost 180,000, said the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Sunday, speaking at a press conference during which he summarized two years of the war. The Ombudsman of Ukraine, Dmytro Lubinec, announced on Sunday that the day before, on February 24, Russian soldiers shot at least seven surrendering Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut in the Donetsk Oblast. This is the most important event of recent hours in and around Ukraine.

> In war Ukraine With Russia 31,000 died Ukrainian soldiers, and the opposing side irretrievably lost 180,000. – the president of Ukraine announced on Sunday Volodymyr Zelenskyappearing at a press conference where he summarized two years of war.

– Every person is a huge loss for us. 31,000 Ukrainians died, so many soldiers died in this war. Not 300,000 or 150,000, as Putin lies, Zelensky said.

He added that the enemy’s losses amounted to 180,000 dead soldiers.

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The President of Ukraine stated that Western partners are afraid of Russia’s defeat in the war with Ukraine, but without weapons supplies from the West, Ukraine may lose more territories. – Don’t ask who exactly (fears Russia’s defeat), but they are afraid, Zelensky said.

UkraineDmytro Smolienko/UKRINFORM/PAP

> Ombudsman Ukraine’s Dmytro Lubinec reported on Sunday that the day before, on February 24, Russian soldiers shot at least seven surrendering Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut in the Donetsk Oblast.

Lubiniec wrote on Telegram that “on February 24, 2024, another war crime probably occurred in the Bakhmuk region. In the recording we managed to obtain, you can see Ukrainian soldiers surrendering: with their hands raised, they showed that they are “They were unarmed and pose no threat. The Russians were supposed to take them prisoner, but instead they mercilessly shot them. The exact number of Ukrainians shot by the Russians is unknown, but there were probably at least seven of them.”

> Zelensky expressed his astonishment at the destruction of grain shipments from his country in Poland and said that “this is politics again and something to be shown in the Russian media.” The head of state spoke about this on Sunday at a press conference in Kiev.

– I don’t understand what this is all about. Again, politics and such action, such a story to be shown in the media, especially – which is unpleasant – in the Russian media. It’s very bad that we play on their side with such facts, he said. Zelensky confessed that he did not know what to do about this situation. – We are thinking how to stop it, but it is not happening on our territory. There is no Polish grain on our territory, but there are other food products. Polish goods are imported to Ukraine for USD 1.7 billion. For PLN 1.7 billion a month, he said.

Volodymyr Zelensky on farmers’ protests on the Polish-Ukrainian borderReuters

> About seven thousand people took part on Sunday in a support march for Ukraine organized in the center of Brussels in connection with the second anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion of that country.

“Russia must be defeated. We in Poland know well from history what Russian imperialism means,” said the Polish ambassador in Belgium Rafał Siemianowski.

The march passed through the center of Brussels. Participants carried banners including: with slogans “Free the Ukrainian hostages” and “If Ukraine wins, democracy will win.” The demonstration aimed to remind European Union leaders and citizens that the fate of Ukraine is linked to the European fight for democracy and human rights.

> If Vladimir Putin really threatens us, we are ready to double our defense spending; We will never be a Russian colony again, said the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski in an interview for the American television CNN broadcast on Sunday. He also suggested that Americans punish politicians who break the law, referring to the events of January 6, 2021 and the attack by supporters of the then president USA Donald Trump to the Capitol.

Sikorski: If Putin threatens, unfortunately I am forced to believe it

Sikorski: If Putin threatens, unfortunately I am forced to believe itTVN24

Main photo source: EPA

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