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Ukraine. The only maternity ward in Donbas is still operating. Nearly 800 children have been born there since the beginning of the year

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The neonatal hospital ward in Pokrovsk is located right next to the frontline in Donbass. Bombs fall outside, babies are born inside. Sometimes in the light of flashlights, sometimes sick right away. The stress and fear of their mothers do their job. Doctors do too. There were almost thirty of them, three left.

In the maternity ward in Donbass, the scream of babies being born is sometimes accompanied by the sound of an explosion. Childbirth cannot be interrupted. Even when rockets are falling around. For such an event, a special room was prepared in the hospital in Pokrovsk. Sandbags in the windows are standard there. It happened that during the operation there was a power outage due to shelling. Doctors worked by flashlights until the generator started. It is now the only prenatal hospital ward in Ukrainian-controlled Donbas. – There was a branch in Mariupol, but it was bombed. The second one, in Kramatorsk, had to be evacuated because of the shelling. We are the only ones left – says Ivan Cyganiok, head of the Obstetrics and Prenatal Department at the Hospital in Pokrovsk.

Only there, premature babies and women at risk of pregnancy can count on professional help. Such patients have been growing at a dramatic pace since the outbreak of the war. – Stress plays a huge role. In addition, terrible conditions, lack of proper food, terrible mood, lack of sleep. Everything’s wrong, everything’s wrong. And that is why newborns are born sick – explains Tatiana Vladimirovich, a doctor from the hospital in Pokrovsk.

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Pregnant Angela spent many days and nights in the basement, hiding from the Russian artillery. – There are shellings there every day, people are dying, including children. Everything was destroyed – says the refugee from Torecko.

Nastya is alone in the hospital. She is waiting not only for the birth, but also for news from her husband, who is fighting in the Ukrainian army. – It’s very hard. He is at the front all the time, in the most attacked places. I am very afraid when there is no contact with him – says Nastya, a resident of Druzhkivka.

Since the beginning of the year, almost eight hundred children have been born in the hospital in Pokrovsk. Not all Donbas residents are willing or able to flee. Those who stayed do their best to forget about the war. – War is war, but life goes on. Until something very bad happens to us, even now we can be happy. Especially with such a small treasure in her hands – thinks Anastasia, a resident of Donbass.

Before the outbreak of a full-scale war, 26 doctors worked in the maternity ward of the Pokrovsk hospital. There are three left. They claim that they lack nothing but hands to work and peace. Although the brutal war has been going on for almost a year and a half, children have not stopped being born. The hospital in Pokrovsk gives mothers from Donbass a substitute for safety and hope for a better future for their children.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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