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Ukraine. The Russians have lost “momentum”. Sullivan on the situation near Kharkov

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National Security Advisor United States Jake Sullivan stated in an interview on Sunday that use of American weapons by Ukraine was an effective move.

He found that the US president was guided by “common sense” when authorizing the use of these weapons.

Ukraine. US weapons on the front

Sullivan said that the use of American weapons changed the “dynamics of the Russian operation in Kharkov got stuck at a dead end“.

– Currently, Kharkov is still under threat, but RussiaNO they have not been able to make any progress in recent days in this area, and the United States will continue to support Ukraine in holding the line and repelling aggressive Russian forces, he said during a conversation with a CBS News reporter.

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War in Ukraine. USA concerned about reports about Russia

Sullivan also commented on reports that Russia, China, North Korea i Iran they are currently sharing nuclear technology. Asked whether America would need to increase its resources, he replied that he “cannot comment on intelligence matters, especially those concerning very sensitive issues.”

– We are concerned about cooperation between the countries you just mentioned and we are concerned development of the arsenals of countries such as China and Russia, as well as North Korea – commented on the journalist's question.

– This is something we are focusing on. We are watching this closely and will consult with our allies and partners on how the U.S. can best ensure a safe, reliable and credible deterrent – he assured.

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