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Ukraine. The Russians shot unarmed Ukrainian soldiers

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The Russian occupiers who executed unarmed Ukrainian soldiers have been liquidated, announced the head of the military administration of the city of Avdiivka, Vitaly Barabash. Earlier, Ukrainian military sources confirmed that the video published online shows the shooting of prisoners of war.

– Ukrainian soldiers surrendered because they ran out of ammunition, Barabash said. As he stated, “a little later” Ukrainian forces attacked the Russian positions. – Everyone who was there was eliminated – added the mayor of Avdiivka.

Investigation initiated

General Prosecutor’s Office Ukraine announced on Sunday the initiation of proceedings in connection with the shooting of two unarmed Ukrainian soldiers.

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“On December 2, 2023, a video of the shooting of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers by Russian military personnel was disseminated in the media. According to preliminary findings, it took place next to one of the observation posts near the town of Stepowe in the Donetsk Oblast,” the prosecutor general’s office in Kiev reported. “The recording shows a group of people in Russian uniforms shooting at close range two unarmed soldiers in uniforms of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who are surrendering. Investigators and prosecutors have started an investigation in connection with this fact,” the statement said.

The prosecutor’s office recalled that killing prisoners of war violates the Geneva Convention.

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“The Russian Federation must be punished”

– Everyone can clearly see in the recording that the Ukrainian military is doing everything necessary to show that they are unarmed, that they are surrendering and that they do not pose any threat to the Russian military. Therefore, they should have been automatically taken over and given the status of prisoners of war, the Ukrainian spokesman said on Saturday human rights Dmytro Lubynets. He expressed hope that law enforcement and intelligence agencies would be able to identify those involved in this war crime.

“The Russian Federation must be punished for every similar case of execution of surrendering Ukrainian soldiers. There were more such cases,” Lubinets wrote on the Telegram channel, announcing that he would appeal to international organizations, especially UN and the Red Cross to intervene.

There is no statute of limitations for such crimes

On Sunday, StratCom of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Strategic Communications Directorate) confirmed that the execution of prisoners of war constituted a war crime. “According to confirmed information, the Russian occupiers once again shot unarmed soldiers,” the statement said.

The spokesman for the Ukrainian troops in the Taurid direction (on the front section in the Zaporozhye Oblast and the western part of the Donetsk Oblast), Oleksandr Shtupun, emphasized that similar crimes do not have a statute of limitations, and all evidence will be forwarded to the relevant international institutions that investigate war crimes.

Main photo source: Sergei Aksionov/Telegram

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