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Ukraine. The South African president and other African leaders visited Bucha

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Cyril Ramaphosa and other African leaders who arrived in Ukraine on Friday as part of a “peace mission” visited Bucha near Kiev. On the day of their visit, the Russians carried out another missile attack on Kiev and the Kiev region.

Ukrainian portals quote a statement from the press service of the South African leader, posted on Twitter. It said that “Cyril Ramaphosa and other leaders of African states and governments participating in the peacekeeping mission are being briefed at the temple in Bucha before visiting the mass grave where 458 civilians who died in the initial phase of the conflict are buried.”

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In addition to the president of South Africa, Kiev is visited by the presidents of Zambia, Senegal, Comoros, and the prime minister Egypt and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Uganda – writes the Ukrainian Truth portal.

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The town of Bucha, recaptured from the Russian army at the end of March last year, has become symbol of the atrocities of the Russian occupation.

Missile attack during the visit

On the day of the visit of Ramaphosa and other heads of African states, the Russians did another rocket attack on Kiev and the Kiev region. The Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense reported shooting down six Kinzhal missiles and six Kalibr cruise missiles, as well as two drones.

“Putin doesn’t care (the safety of the leaders visiting Kiev), because he feels completely unpunished. Any other (foreign leader) can find himself in the situation of African leaders. We remember that the rockets also arrived when the US president was in Ukraine Joe Biden (in February 2023) and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (in April 2022), “commented the head of the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky Andriy Yermak on the Telegram channel.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Bucha near Kiev twitter.com/PresidencyZA

“The world must understand that now it is necessary to consolidate (efforts) and (take) the toughest possible stance towards Russia. It is necessary to show the strength of a state that undermines global security and acts with terrorist methods,” Yermak added.

Earlier on Friday, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba he tweeted that Vladimir Putin “builds confidence” by carrying out the biggest rocket attack in weeks on Kiev during the visit of African leaders. “Russian missiles send a message to Africa: Russia wants more war, not peace,” Kuleba said.

Petersburg after Kiev

Earlier, the African side reported that Cyril Ramaphosa was to take part in a “peacekeeping mission” of the countries of the region, in which South Africa, Zambia, Comoros, Congo, Egypt, Senegal and Uganda are involved.

After visiting Ukraine, Ramaphosa is due to go to St. Petersburg, Russia, where he plans to meet with President Vladimir Putin on June 17.

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Main photo source: twitter.com/PresidencyZA

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