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Ukraine. “They didn't know how to put down their weapons.” Commander on recruit training

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“The Washington Post” writes about the exceptionally difficult situation in the Ukrainian army. Sources within the Armed Forces Ukrainy they report that the commanders have been for a long time they complain about insufficient training of recruits in training centers.

Although the country's authorities were able to respond to the critical shortage of soldiers, among others, by enabling the mobilization of prisonersthe level of training, according to the commanders, is in a deplorable state.

Ukraine. Recruits without proper training

– We had guys who they didn't even know how to disassemble and assemble their weapons. We simply spent a lot of time (already at the front – editor) on basic training – says the deputy battalion commander of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

– If, God forbid, there is a breakthrough in Chasiv Yar and they send new infantry who do not know basic things, they will be sent there to die – he added.

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Anonymous interviewees of “The Washington Post” They do not hide their grudge against the authorities in Kiev, which they believed were slow to make decisions about increasing mobilization efforts. In this case, according to the military, support in society was more important than real actions.

Officers they also point out the lack of training for soldierswho have been participating in warfare for a long time, but so far have performed tasks away from the battlefield. They also, as they argue, are ill-prepared for combateven though they often have more than two years of service behind them.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts

He spoke on Friday about the training of soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski. As the minister said, our country will train a unit composed of Ukrainian citizens who are staying in our country and are subject to mobilization.

Poland considered the Ukrainian request regarding training, but we came to the conclusion that i it will be safer and more efficient to train a Ukrainian unit composed of Ukrainians in Polandwho are subject to conscription into the Ukrainian army, and that this will simply be a more effective way of helping Ukraine – said Sikorski during a press briefing held during an informal meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries NATO.

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