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Ukraine. They were preparing actions in the capital. The group of agents has been destroyed

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The Security Service Press Center reported the detention of Russian agents Ukrainy. According to reports, the men who planned the attacks prepared improvised explosives installed in tea packages. Inside there were a timer, a detonator and a plastic explosive.

As planned, the makeshift cargoes were to remain placed among flammable materials, which would cause a huge fire that could not be extinguished quickly. The detonation was planned to take place during rush hours to cause maximum damage.

Ukraine. The network of Russian agents has been dismantled

Another attack was planned nearby one of the most popular cafes in Kiev. In this case, Russian agents allegedly planted explosives in a car parked right next to the building.

– By planning these attacks, the Russian special services have once again demonstrated their criminal nature. We worked to anticipate and thwart the enemy's plans in time. Every step they take is documented, they will receive the punishment they deserve. Like everyone who tries to work for the benefit of the Russian Federation, said Vasyl Maluk, head of the SBU.

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– It is symbolic that the dates to which the Russians want to tie their actions in time are they are gradually becoming a symbol of the failure of their secret services – added.

The network of Russian agents has been dismantled. The SBU provided details

As it was emphasized, he was the coordinator of the action in the capital of Ukraine employee of the Russian GRU service, Yuri Sizov. The man allegedly personally gave instructions to recruited agents and also recorded video instructions on the installation of the charges.

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine have been monitoring the activities of the group of agents for many months. Sizov himself had previously been involved in similar activities. In February organized sabotage activities that were to take place in the Lviv region. However, the action did not take place.

After months of work, the SBU decided to retain the agents. It happened in one of the capital's hypermarkets, where explosives were installed.

All those detained were charged with treason and sabotage. They face life imprisonment.

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