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Ukraine. Thirteen-year-old Daryna was shot by Russian soldiers. She pretended to be dead to survive

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13-year-old Daryna pretended to be dead so that Russian soldiers would not kill her. The story of a girl from the village of Katyazhanka, who lost her father and stepmother in an instant, was told by the head of the police in the Kiev region, Andriy Niebytov.

The story of 13-year-old Daryna was described, among others, by the Ukrainian section of the BBC, citing the accounts of Andriy Niebytov, the police commander of the Kiev region, who also published a video about the tragedy.


On February 28, in the village of Katyžanka in the Kiev region, Daryna’s father and stepmother were driving home in one of the streets of the village by car.

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According to the report of a teenager, who was also in the car, they came across a Russian column on the way, and the military started shooting “from all sides”. They hit the girl’s father and the car in the tank.

Niebytov reported that the man and the woman were killed instantly and the car caught fire.

Daryna survived the attack of Russian soldiers, but lost her father and stepmother Youtube.com/c/NEBYTOV

The shots did not stop

Daryna said that she managed to get out of the car and run away from the scene. The girl was still being shot at. The 13-year-old hid, but the shots did not stop. She was injured in the arm and in the leg. She was covered in blood. – I didn’t feel anything. I numb – she recalled in an interview with Andriy Niebytow.

When several Russian soldiers approached her, Daryna lay still, pretending to be dead. – They were jerking my leg. And I was lying. When they went, I crawled under the fence, she reported. The 13-year-old was found by the locals. She was taken to the hospital.

Daryna’s father was buried in Katyżanka. The girl stayed with her mother and sister.

– This story is another proof of Russia’s crimes against humanity. They will certainly be punished for it – said Niebytow.

Main photo source: Youtube.com/c/NEBYTOV

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