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Monday, August 15, 2022

Ukraine. US National Intelligence Director: Russian soldiers will be able to make only little progress

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US National Intelligence Director Avril Haines at a closed conference hosted by the Ministry of Commerce’s Industry and Security Bureau said that “neither Russia nor Ukraine will be able to make a breakthrough in the war,” and Ukraine may regain a small portion of its territory to the south.

– We still judge that the goal Russia is to occupy the majority Ukrainehowever, Russian soldiers will only be able to make little progress, the director of National Intelligence said USA Avril Haines at a closed conference hosted by the Department of Industry and Security of the Ministry of Commerce.

According to Reuters, an official overseeing all US intelligence services, the services said Russia’s goal was the same as at the beginning of the renewed invasion, i.e. to take control of most of Ukraine.

Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Illustrative photo ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / Reuters / Forum

Russian troops will only be able to make little progress

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Haines judged that the Russian army would continue to make little progress, but without achieving a breakthrough, as the most likely scenario.

She added that Ukraine can count on a stabilization of the front in Donbas and reclaiming a small part of the territory to the south. “In short, things are looking pretty grim,” she said.

Haines also estimated that replenishing the losses in the Russian armed forces could take years, and during this time – in her opinion – Russia will rely more on other instruments in its policy, including cyber attacks, the use of energy sources for political purposes, and even weapons nuclear.

Main photo source: SERGEI ILNITSKY / PAP / EPA

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