Ukraine. Viktor Orban wants a ceasefire. Proposal for Zelensky


Orban unexpectedly appeared on Tuesday morning in Kiev – for the first time since the Russian attack. He met with the president Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The leaders discussed, among other things, the issue of peace initiatives in the context of the war that Russia has unleashed.

The Hungarian Prime Minister asked Zelensky to consider a quick ceasefirewhich could speed up the peace talks and consequently end the war sooner. He also mentioned the misunderstandings that have arisen between the countries. In his opinion now is the time to focus on the future.

Viktor Orban in Kiev. Hungary wants to “modernize the economy” of Ukraine

Orban also expressed hope that bilateral Ukrainian-Hungarian relations will improve. He declared that Budapest is ready to participate in modernization of the economy of Ukraine.

In turn, Zelensky presented his vision of ending the war with Russiawithin which another international event would be organized Peace Summit. He announced that he would like it to happen this year. Reuters reported that the politicians' main goal was to talk about the chances for achieving peace.

The Hungarian Prime Minister arrived in Ukraine a day after his country entered a rotating, six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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