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Ukraine. Villages near the border with Russia are shelled. Six guided air bombs fell on them within 24 hours

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Authorities in Volchansk, Kharkiv Oblast, claim that nearby villages, located right next to the border with Russia, are being systematically shelled. Over the past 24 hours, six guided air bombs fell on the local hromada (administrative division), said the head of the local military administration.

– The situation in our territory is extremely difficult – Tamaz Gambarashvili, head of the military administration of the city of Volchansk, told journalists. The official said that over the past 24 hours, Russian forces attacked border villages, dropping six guided air bombs on them. As a result of the attack, a school building and several farms were damaged.

– This is terror against the civilian population, because both in the territory of the hromada and in the city of Volchansk, there are no strategic objects. Residents’ homes, businesses, shops, schools and kindergartens are shot at. Our entire community is suffering because of the shelling, Gambarashvili added.

In his opinion, Russia wants to destroy all Ukrainian towns located along its border in the Kharkiv Oblast, creating a “gray zone” there.

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Shelling of a village located on the border with Russia facebook.com/DSNSKHARKIV

“We don’t have time to count” destroyed houses

The Volcano hromada began to be occupied shortly after the military invasion began in February 2022 and liberated after seven months. After liberation, the city of Volchansk was practically on the front line. Villages bordering Russia are systematically attacked. The shelling has been intensifying since November last year.

– It is difficult to say how many houses were destroyed or damaged because shelling occurs every day. We don’t have time to count, Gambarashvili said in an interview with Suspilne TV journalists.

The Russians also attacked Volchansk on Wednesday morning. Three people were injured as a result of the attack. It took over three hours to extinguish one of the burning buildings.

Main photo source: facebook.com/DSNSKHARKIV

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