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Ukraine. Vital Shishou, a Belarusian activist, was found dead. The police are investigating the causes of death

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Ukrainian police are investigating the causes of death of the Belarusian activist Vital Szyszou. It is reported that there are two versions under consideration. Szyszou’s body was found in a Kiev park. His partner is convinced that he did not commit suicide. – He had no basis for it. And he couldn’t do that to me, she said.

The hanged body of a 26-year-old Belarusian activist Vital Szyszou found in one of Kiev parks on Tuesday morning. The day before, he was reported missing by the organization Belarusian House in Ukraine, of which he was the head, helping Belarusians fleeing from their homeland from persecution. As stated, the man most likely went out for a jog in the morning and did not come home. Szyszou’s friends declare that they do not believe in his suicide.


Police about the potential causes of the death of Vital Szyszou

A Ukrainian police briefing reported that investigators were investigating suicide and feigned suicide as the two main potential causes of Shishou’s death. The head of this unit, Ihor Klymenko, said that there is no information about the activist being followed before his death. He added that Szyszou did not turn to the police on this matter.

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There was skin scratching on the activist’s nose, knee, and chest, which experts said may have been the result of a one-time fall. Earlier, a friend of the Belarusian said that he had a broken nose, but Kymienko did not confirm this information.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote on Twitter that he was shocked by the tragic information about Szyszou’s death and expressed his condolences to his relatives. “Ukraine will do everything possible to clarify this matter: it is important to reveal the whole truth about this tragic death,” he stressed.

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Vital Szyszou’s girlfriend doubts his partner’s suicide. “He had no grounds for it”

Pażena Żołudź, the partner of Vital Szyszou, is convinced that her partner did not commit suicide. She told Radio Swaboda that the two of them went to Kiev in connection with the persecution by the Belarusian authorities.

She reported that Szyszou’s parents and grandparents are dead, and that he himself worked as a freelancer in the IT field. “It wasn’t that he was complaining about being followed. But recently Wital has become more attentive, sometimes he watched which cars were coming up and who was coming out of them – she described.

She reported that her partner had received no direct threats but had a bad feeling. – He did not show it to me, but he wrote to one of our friends a week before the tragedy: I ​​have a bad feeling, take care of Pheasant if necessary.

– It wasn’t as if strangers approached him. Once, some people came to me on a street in the city center, as it later turned out, they were recording – said Żołudź.

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The woman has not noticed anything unusual in Szyszou’s behavior recently. – The two of us were sick for a week, lay down and watched movies – she said. She assessed that Wital “had no bad thoughts”. “I’m sure he couldn’t have ended his life by suicide.” There was no basis for it. And he couldn’t do that to me. We had common plans for the future – she said.

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