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Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky on the support of Andrzej Duda and the consequences of the war with Russia

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On Wednesday evening, the President of Ukraine published a recording in which, among other things, he thanked President Andrzej Duda for embarking on a journey through European countries to support Ukraine’s European perspective. Volodymyr Zelensky recalled that exactly 10 years ago the European football championships, Euro-2012, held in Poland and Ukraine began. “It’s only been 10 years, and it seems like it was in a different world,” Zelenskiy said in the recording. He also talked about the battles for Severodonetsk.

– I am grateful to the President of Poland Andrzej Dudaa friend of all Ukrainians, for the fact that he has now set off on a special journey through the countries of Europe to support the European perspective of our country – said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the recording released on Wednesday evening.

As he added, in June Ukraine “is to receive a decision” on his candidacy European Union. “And all our friends, diplomats are working on it now,” pointed out the president.

The Presidents of Poland and Portugal, Andrzej Duda and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa HUGO DELGADO / PAP / EPA

Presidents of Poland and Slovakia – Andrzej Duda and Zuzana Czaputova – on Wednesday and Thursday they were to visit Portugal and Italy together to convince them to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country to the EU as soon as possible.

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They were also scheduled to go to Romania on Friday for the Bucharest Nine summit. However, the president of Slovakia is not allowed to accompany President Duda during his visits due to a positive test for the coronavirus.

Zelensky on the consequences of the war with Russia

In the recording published on Wednesday evening, the President of Ukraine reminded that exactly 10 years ago the European football championship, Euro-2012, began. – Exactly 10 years ago, Euro-2012 began on that day. The opening ceremony was in Warsaw and the closing ceremony in Kiev, he said.

Destruction in the Donetsk regionSTR / PAP / EPA

– The matches were held in different cities of our two countries, including in Donetsk at the Arena Donbass. Only 10 years have passed, and it seems that it was in a different world – emphasized Zelenskiy in the recording. He noted that 10 years ago Ukrainian Donetsk was “a strong, proud and developed city”. “And then Russia came,” he added.

The head of the Ukrainian state announced that only the return of Ukraine, the Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian law – which, he said, will certainly happen – will mean the return to “normal life” for these places. Donetsk has been under the control of separatists supported by Russia since 2014.

Fighting for Severodonetsk

President Zelenskiy also informed that the fate of the Ukrainian Donbas is now largely being decided in Severodonetsk, where a tough and fierce battle is taking place.

The head of state said on the video that “Severodonetsk is the epicenter of opposition in Donbas.” – We defend our positions. We inflict considerable losses on the enemy – he assured.

– It is a very fierce battle, very hard. Probably one of the toughest since the beginning of this war – said Zelenskiy. In his opinion, the fate of Donbas is now being decided to a large extent there.

Main photo source: STR / PAP / EPA

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