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Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky points to the USA. “The Russians are laughing at us”

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In a Friday interview with the British daily “The Guardian” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the White House's delay in granting consent to the use of Western weapons on Russian targets.

Zelensky assessed that The White House's indecision cost many lives. The president of Ukraine called on Joe Biden to overcome him constant worries about possible nuclear escalation in the conflict with Russia.

On Thursday evening United States allowed Ukrainian troops defending Kharkov to use certain types of American weapons to fire near Russian territory. However, Zelensky clearly noted in the conversation that Ukraine must be able to use “powerful” long-range weapons, which could hit deep targets on Russian territory. He also said that USA they need to “believe in us more.”

As Volodymyr Zelensky explained, without this green light from the US, Ukraine's other allies, including the UK, may also not allow Ukraine to use long-range weapons. – Believe us, we have to react. They don't understand anything except force. We are not the first or last target – he said.

-I think that having “Western” weapons and seeing murderers and terrorists who are killing us from the Russian side is absolutely illogical. I think sometimes they just laugh at the situation. It's like hunting for them. Human hunting. They understand that we can see them, but we cannot reach them, he argued.

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Volodymyr Zelensky: They should believe in us more

Zelensky said that, despite emerging suggestions, also Britain did not give '100% consent' to use its donated long-range weapons and suggested that, like other countries, waiting for the Americans.

Asked if he was disappointed that Biden would likely not attend the Ukraine peace summit in June Switzerlandreplied: ““I think they should believe in us more.”.

He admitted that Western countries that are at peace have “different priorities” and, understandably, do not share Ukraine's sense of existential urgency. This means that “dialogue” instead of action can be frustrating. – For us, time is our life. If you don't get down to the shelter within a minute, you may die. Therefore, the approach to time is completely different, he explained.

When asked if he misses former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Volodymyr Zelensky joked: “He doesn't give me the opportunity to miss him. He is always here“. He described him as a “good friend” who “really helped Ukraine.” He also revealed that he used him to reach out to Donald Trumpthe candidate of the Republican Party for the office of US president, and convince him to stop blocking aid to Ukraine.

Zelensky's warning. “This is World War III”

As for the UK, Zelensky said that good relations will continue. – It seems to me that Britain's policy towards Ukraine has never changed. And I think this is very important, because leaders can be changed in different countries, but the most important thing is to never change values, Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian president emphasized that negotiations with Russia are unrealistic, and peace agreement would be a 'trap'because Vladimir Putin would violate any agreement and “cannot be trusted.”

Zelensky said that Moscow will use every break in fighting to “strengthen his muscles on the battlefield” and sooner or later it will strike again. He assessed that the conflict in Ukraine, although on a smaller scale, is similar to World War II due to the “ideology of Russian fascism.” He noted that Putin's brutal “methodology” is the same as that of the Nazis Germanand Russian soldiers even used the “same routes” as Hitler's army in the campaign to seize Kiev and dominate the country.

He emphasized that if Russia won in Ukraine, Putin would seek to further change borders in Europe by attacking other countries. – This is the real third world war. I don't think Putin is crazy. He is dangerous. It's much scarier. You see, he won't stop, argued the Ukrainian president.

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