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Ukraine, war. Mobilization Act. Ministry of Defense: we don’t have much time

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense called for faster work on amending the law on mobilization, which is to allow for supplementing and strengthening the armed forces. – We don’t have much time left, warned Illarion Pavliuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

On January 30, the Ukrainian government submitted an updated version of the draft law on mobilization to the Verkhovna Rada. The document proposed a number of changes, in particular lowering the age of conscription into the army from 27 to 25 years. It also contains a provision on penalties for evasion of the obligation – temporary restrictions on the right to travel outside Ukraine and driving license.

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Ministry of Defense: we don’t have much time

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Illarion Pavliuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, commented on the work on the law. – Discussion on a bill in a democratic country is a completely normal process. Another thing is that there is a war going on and we don’t have much time. That is why we are very keen to take action as soon as possible to vote on the bill, he emphasized, quoted by the UNIAN agency on Sunday.

– The amendment contains a key principle regarding the certainty of employment experience, which is approximately 36 months. This certainty is very important, and the draft law also contains other norms that will ensure this certainty, making the mobilization mechanism itself more effective, understandable and transparent, said the spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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