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Ukraine, war. Russia sends increasingly older tanks to fight on the Ukrainian front. T-54s are leaving storage

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Older and older tanks are sent to the Ukrainian front, on the Russian side. Analysts from the Conflict Intelligence Team, quoted by the news agency Unian, claim that T-54 tanks, the production of which ended more than half a century ago, are leaving the warehouses of the Russian army in the Far East. Machines that have so far been on display in the museum are to be sent into combat. There were even proposals among Russian deputies to create a detachment from dismantled tanks from World War II monuments, the Ukrainian agency wrote.

Before the assault Russia to Ukraine, it was believed that Moscow had the largest number of tanks in the world. However, in the fighting, it suffers huge losses in equipment, and experts say that because of the sanctions, it is impossible to quickly repair damaged machines. Some items of equipment, especially electronics, are bought illegally because of the sanctions imposed by the West, which significantly slows down the whole process. That is why, according to the Ukrainian news agency Unian, only one-third of the 800 units a year announced by the Kremlin return to combat from damaged machines.

In addition, a lot of tanks came to the front from old warehouses without preparation and modernization. “Such vehicles, as a rule, fall off within 1-3 weeks of operation even without shelling,” military expert Nikolai Salamakha told the agency.

More than 60 years old tanks can go to the front

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Therefore, Moscow is forced to reach for older and older machines. The warehouses of the reserve base in the Far East began to leave the T-54 tanks, the agency claims, citing analysts from the Conflict Intelligence Team. Production of the T-54 began in 1945 and ended almost 60 years ago.

T-54 machines can also be seen as exhibits in military museums.

T-54/55 tank in the museumKarolis Kavolelis / Shutterstock

From the beginning of the invasion, Russian forces used T-62s (they were produced in 1963-1978), but for the first time T-54/55 tanks were taken from the warehouse, according to reports from the Unian agency.

Main photo source: Karolis Kavolelis / Shutterstock

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