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Ukraine. When will the war with Russia end? “Not everyone understands us”

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Chances of ending the war conducted with Ukraine By Russia in 2024 or 2025 are close to zero – says the deputy commander of the 47th “Magura” battalion Oleksandr Shirshin, nicknamed “Genius”.

– I recently started asking myself: in what year Iran gave up? I'll answer: never. He still fights, he still terrorizes Israel. To the country with the most sanctions imposedand yet they are developing nuclear weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles or other weapons, the military man said.

Ukraine. When will the war end? “I can't tell”

The soldier also emphasized that “Russia is many times larger than Iran and has many times more resources”– Unfortunately, I cannot say how many years this war will last, Shirshin said.

The military official stressed that the war with Russia is of “existential nature”, but not everyone in Ukraine understands this.

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– This is the question of our survival, first of all, as a state, as a nation. Does everyone in Ukraine understand this? I think not. A very small percentage, actually. This is visible in how many people are ready to defend their country and how many are willing to sacrifice themselves, said the soldier.

War in Ukraine. Fierce battles on the front, Russian attacks on cities

The Unian agency reported that over the past 24 hours there was an incident on the front in Ukraine 117 combat engagements. Fierce battles are taking place in several directions, but the heaviest took place in the town of Pokrovsk in the Donetsk region – more than 40 clashes with the enemy were recorded there.

Russian occupiers also continue to attack Ukrainian cities. As a result of the attack on Wilniansk In the Zaporizhia region, seven people died, including two children.

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