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Ukraine. Young deer are so scared that they do not have the strength to escape. Ukrainian soldiers encountered them

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Ukrainian military personnel met two young deer on their way. Frightened by the explosions, the animals hid in the bushes. Out of fear, they were unable to get up and run away as the soldiers approached them.

In addition to the tragic humanitarian balance, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is associated with hundreds of silent victims – animals that suffer as a result of hostilities. Ukrainian soldiers met two little deer. The recording appeared on social media on Tuesday.

Young deer found in UkraineTwitter @ TpyxaNews

The deer were hiding from the explosions

According to the Ukrainian website Tpyxa News, the soldiers patrolling the area noticed two deer hiding in forest bushes. The animals lay flat on the ground and did not run away when a human approached, even when the Ukrainians approached them at arm’s length.

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They are not the only animals that suffer as a result of hostilities. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, scientists have noticed increased mortality among dolphins and Black Sea porpoises. Marine mammals die as a result of acoustic trauma and underwater noise as well fall victim to the explosions of phosphorus bombs.

Let’s not take young animals out of the forest

It is worth remembering that if we come across a young roe or deer lying in the grass during our forest walks, we should not take them with us. As explained by Jakub Kotowicz, a veterinarian from the Center for Rehabilitation of Protected Animals in Przemyślsuch animals have not been abandoned and their mother is around all the time.

Young deer found in UkraineTwitter @ TpyxaNews

Main photo source: Twitter @ TpyxaNews

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