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Ukraine, Yuri Butusov on the defense of Bakhmut

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Russian troops control the eastern part of Bakhmut. Fighting is currently underway to occupy the northern part of this city. The Russians are trying to attack gradually: from building to building – Yuri Butusov, a well-known military expert and editor-in-chief of the censor.net portal, talks about the situation in the hottest point of the fighting in the Donbas.

In an interview with the Ukrainian Radio NV (Novoye Vremya), Yuri Butusov said that the main direction of fighting is currently the north of Bakhmut. – On the eastern section, the front runs along the Bachmutka River. There is a fairly wide undeveloped belt, the enemy cannot overcome it without losses, so he is trying to concentrate his efforts on an assault from the north, the expert said.


At the same time – as Butusov said – the enemy widely bypasses the city from the north and tries to break through in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nearby villages of Chromowe and Bohdanivka, and close access to Bakhmut in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe village of Ivanivskie. The aim of the Russian actions is to completely surround the city.

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Ukrainian troops shelling Russian positions near BakhmutReuters

Strategically important for the defense of the Donbass

Russian forces have been trying to take Bakhmut in the Donetsk region since August last year. Opinions appeared in the Western press that the loss of this city would not be of strategic importance for the Ukrainian side. When asked by the host if this is really the case, Butusov replied. – Bakhmut is a strategically important city for Ukrainian defense Donbass. I have no doubts about this, because there is a very favorable line of defense here – said the analyst.

When asked about the problems in the Bakhmut direction, Butusov replied that they were primarily related to organizing defense and commanding the ground troops fighting in this section.

– The most important problem is that the Ukrainian side is not able to use the fact that it still has an advantage. Ukrainian forces are in good positions. The enemy is moving forward at a very slow pace, the possibilities of its destruction have not yet been exhausted. However, calculations are needed as to what forces and how they can be used. Commanders must be responsible for this, not soldiers who give themselves more than is expected of them, “said Butusov.


Destroyed building in Bakhmut. On the left side there is an inscription “Bachmut loves Ukraine”, on the right – a drawing depicting the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, Valeriy Załużny Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

The scale of damage in Bakhmut on satellite photosMAXAR TECHNOLOGIES/PAP/EPA

Ghost town

Earlier, Yuri Butusov, who travels to the front and reports on social networks about the fighting between Russian troops and Ukrainian forces, posted a recording from Bakhmut, showing empty, destroyed streets. “Russian shelling has turned Bakhmut into a ghost town,” he wrote in the comment below the video.

“Everyone who fights in Bakhmut hopes that the time of this heroic resistance will be used to create solid lines of defense near other cities in the Donetsk region,” added Butusov.


Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Facebook

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