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Ukraine. Zelensky on Russia’s missile attacks. He recalled the Budapest Memorandum

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Only the dismantling of Russia’s terrorist capabilities, the liberation of all of Ukraine and bringing the murderers to justice can bring peace, Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday evening. The Ukrainian president said that the Russians fired 70 rockets on Monday and almost all of them were shot down.

– Today’s missile attack Russia celebrated another anniversary of the signing of the Budapest Memorandum. The fate of this document answers many questions about Russia today, the Ukrainian president said on Monday evening Volodymyr Zelenskycommenting on another massive missile attack by Russia on Ukraine.

– If anything signs with these terrorists, there will be no peace. If something is agreed with them, they will surely break it. Giving Russia any element of the security of others means a new war, Zelensky said.

Photo posted on November 25

Volodymyr Zelensky in the Kiev regionPhoto posted on November 25president.gov.ua

– Therefore, it is necessary to continue the current policy of conscious countries of the world: only the dismantling of Russia’s terrorist capabilities, only the liberation of all our land and bringing the murderers to justice can bring peace. I believe we will get there,” he said.

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Russia violates the Budapest Memorandum

The Budapest Memorandum of December 1994 is an agreement signed by the US, Great Britain and Russia – in return for Ukraine’s abandonment of nuclear weapons, offered Ukraine security guarantees and committed to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and the inviolability of its borders.

Russia broke them in 2014 by annexing Crimea and starting the war in Donbass. In February this year, Russia expanded it to a full-scale conflict by launching an invasion of Ukraine.

Russian missile attacks on Ukraine

Zelensky said that the Russians fired 70 rockets on Monday and almost all of them were shot down. The president thanked the Ukrainian air defense forces and Western countries for the supplies of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense equipment. Still, he noted, the Ukrainian skies are not fully protected.

Dark streets in Kiev after a Russian missile attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructurePAP/Viacheslav Ratynskyi

Some of the missiles hit targets in Ukraine, causing power outages in a number of regions. As a result of Russian attacks, four people were killed in 24 hours, Zelensky said.

He stressed that Russian terrorism is a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to others, as evidenced by the rocket that fell on the territory of Moldova on Monday. – When one terrorist destabilizes the lives of all, the common task is to stop terror – noted the Ukrainian president.

Main photo source: president.gov.ua

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