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Ukraine. Zelensky: We will have a chance to win

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US House of Representatives After almost half a year of deadlock, it passed an aid package for… Ukrainy.

The president of Ukraine commented on Saturday's decision of Congress in an interview with NBC News Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine. Zełenski appeals to the US Senate

The politician thanked for almost $61 billion support for the Ukrainian armed forces, saying that the aid obtained will give Ukraine a chance to “victory” in the war against Russia. The vast majority of this amount will be used to replenish US military stockpiles, which will enable the transfer of more of it to Ukraine and the purchase of a new one weapons and ammunition from American arms companies.

Now the bill is scheduled to go to the Senate, where it will likely be voted on next week, and if passed, it will go to the president's desk Joe Bidena. – We really need to finish this. The package must be approved by the Senate, the Ukrainian leader emphasized.

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During a conversation with Kristen Welker Zelensky spoke about the urgent needs of the Ukrainian army. – We need air defense systems and long-range weapons – he emphasized. Thanks to them, according to Zelensky, Ukraine will not lose soldiers on the front.

Ukraine and US aid. Zelensky assures

When asked whether the American package would help Ukraine win the war or only prolong it, the politician replied that “it depends on when the supplies will actually reach Ukraine.” – Now we have a chance to stabilize the situation and take the initiative – he said. He added, however, that he wouldn't like to talk about specifics due to “so many variable factors.”

Later in the conversation, Zelensky emphasized that the House of Representatives' decision would be a signal that Ukraine would not become “the second Afghanistanand the USA will remain with Kiev.

US aid is a strong signal to the Kremlin – added. The President of Ukraine was also asked about the possibility of a large Russian offensive, to which he replied that Ukrainian forces were already preparing for it.

USA. Aid for Ukraine passed

On Saturday 311 members of the House of Representativesincluding 101 z Republican Party supported Act on assistance to Ukraine. After the results were announced, there was applause and shouts of joy. 112 there were deputies (all from the Republican side). against.

The law on aid for Ukraine is worth just under $61 billion, of which PLN 23 billion are funds to replenish losses in the arsenal as a result of donating equipment to Ukraine, PLN 13.8 billion to purchase equipment for Ukraine, and PLN 11.3 billion to maintain US forces in the region. In addition the bill gives the president powers to transfer weapons worth almost $8 billion in addition to the approximately $4 billion it still has at its disposal.

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