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Ukrainian doctors removed the bullet from the soldier’s heart. The patient is safe and sound

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An unusual operation was performed at the Institute of Cardiology in Kiev. Ukrainian doctors used a strong magnet to remove a huge machine gun bullet from a soldier’s heart. The patient is safe and sound, and Polish doctors send their compliments to the team.

At the Institute of Cardiology in Kiev, its director, cardiac surgeon Professor Boris Todurov, performed an unusual operation. Without extracorporeal circulation. Using a strong magnet, he pulled a huge machine gun bullet from the soldier’s heart.

How did the bullet not shatter the heart? Perhaps the bullet hit next to the heart and entered it with blood – suspects Professor Piotr Suwalski, head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology of the State Medical Institute in Warsaw, who knows Professor Tudorow from Kiev personally.

– I must express great appreciation both for the professor’s team and the very intelligent operation, but also for the entire team – and probably more than one team – who saved this soldier directly on the front line and kept him alive – says Suwalski.

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Ukraine will receive another aid package from the US, but the financing of subsequent aid packages is questionableKatarzyna Sławińska/Fakty TVN

“He must have been a healthy person”

If a soldier operated on in Kiev on the battlefield received a gunshot to the left ventricle of his heart, he would not survive and even a quick rescue operation would not help. There is high pressure in the left ventricle that would rupture the organ. However, a shot into the right ventricle, where the pressure is much lower, gives minimal chance of survival, because the heart is an extraordinary organ that saves itself. Blood from the wound can increase the pressure in the pericardial sac and stop the hemorrhage.

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– It must have been a healthy person with low pressure in the right ventricle, there was definitely some bleeding and some fluid in the pericardial sac, but these pressures are not high enough to cause massive pressure on the heart – explains Dr. Wojciech Karolak from Department of Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery of the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk.

Main photo source: Boris Todurov

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