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Ukrainian grain in Poland – transit problems. Maciej Samcik comments

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As a rule, they are ok, but it had to be done a year ago – this is how Maciej Samcik, financial journalist, editor-in-chief of the “Subiektywnie o finance” website on TVN24 said about the new regulations on the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland. However, he pointed out that these actions are a year overdue, and that a simple bill was enough to take them.

Ukrainian grain passing through Poland will be convoyed and monitored by the SENT system, announced the Minister of Agriculture Rafał Telus on Tuesday. Shipments of Ukrainian grain through Poland will be sealed with electronic GPS seals. These are new arrangements after Polish-Ukrainian consultations. From Friday from midnight, the transport of agricultural products from Ukraine through Poland. As announced by the Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, a provision will be introduced that will prevent these goods from remaining in Poland, it will not be possible to withdraw them from transit.

Polish market filled with Ukrainian grain

Maciej Samcik, the editor-in-chief of the “Subiektywnie o Finansowach” website, when asked about the situation with Polish and Ukrainian grain, noted that avoiding the problem with surplus grain from Ukraine is a matter of simple arithmetic.

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– It is enough to count in the range of 20 and be able to add and subtract to know that this Ukrainian grain will not fit in our warehouses or ports. Yesterday I was looking at the data on the revenues of PKP Cargo, the main company that transports various things around the country, and how much grain they transported and in the category of agricultural products there are 3 million 200 thousand. tone. Nearly a million more than usual. We should be able to transport this grain to other ports, but the question is whether this railway will be able to transport more or not – noted the journalist.

About the rules for the transport of Ukrainian grain, announced yesterday by Minister Robert Telus, Samcik said that “in principle, they are ok, but it had to be done a year ago.”

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– The law has not changed, all the rules are the same, the question is why this was not done a year ago? Is it a matter of someone having to make money? Is it a matter of the fact that grain was actually supposed to flood our market and we were supposed to pay a little less for bread, no matter what kind of grain, whether good or bad, the bread was made of. Is it that now there is a scandal and that we should all stop liking Ukrainians? There are basically three things, and all of them are probable. There is also total stupidity and total irresponsibility, that’s option number four he said.

Core inflation is rising for the 20th month in a row

The guest of “You get up and know” asked in the first part of the conversation about the issue of high inflation of the country’s base said that we are dealing with a “worrying” situation.

– Consumption is falling. We spend 10 percent more on shopping, but in real terms, taking into account the level of inflation, it is 5-6 percent less than last year, i.e. we buy less, which theoretically should encourage sellers to stop increasing prices, but this is not the case is happening and it is unfortunately very worrying – said Samcik.

The journalist noted that there are two reasons for the existence of high core inflation and for such price increases.

– Either it is a desire to increase the margin, if the customer can always blame everything on inflation, then it is tested how much he is able to pay, or their costs are increasing to such an extent that they are unable to limit this price increase. Both things are bad, Maciej Samcik pointed out.

Samcik said that although formally speaking, core inflation does not take into account fuel priceshowever, they are included in it, because “entrepreneurs somehow have to transport these carrots to the market”.

– If we have a lot of energy monopolies in the country, if we actually have centrally regulated pricesit is difficult to say to what extent the fact that we have high core inflation today is due to the fact that sellers are greedy, and to what extent it is due to the fact that there are state-owned companies that charge such prices that they force traders to pay us dearly sold, he pointed out.

“I’m afraid we’ve got inflation in our heads already”

The journalist noticed that most of us are not surprised by high prices. “I’m afraid we have inflation in our heads already,” he said.

– On the one hand, we got used to it, on the other hand, producers may already have it inscribed in their business models, and here ten speeches by the President of the NBP will not help – he added.

Core inflation in March 2023

NBP data: in March 2023 inflation excluding food and energy prices amounted to 12.3 percent. Every year. The CPI in the analyzed period amounted to 16.1%. Every year.

On April 17, 2023, Narodowy Bank Polski published a communication on core inflation indices in March 2023. Inflation year on year:

– excluding administered prices (subject to state control) amounted to 15.7 percent., against 18.1 percent. a month earlier; – excluding the most volatile prices amounted to 16.0 percent, compared to 15.5 percent. a month earlier; – excluding food and energy prices amounted to 12.3 percent., compared to 12.0 percent. a month earlier; – so-called 15% trimmed mean, which eliminates the influence of 15 percent. of the price basket with the lowest and highest dynamics, amounted to 15.5 percent, compared to 17.0 percent. a month earlier.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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