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Ukrainian intelligence about dumps of fallen Russian soldiers. “They can’t hide huge losses”

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In Kursk and Rostov-on-Don in Russia, large landfills for the bodies of soldiers who died during the armed invasion of Ukraine are being built, Ukrainian military intelligence has announced. The area of ​​each of these facilities is to be over 4,000 square meters.

The complexes will include rooms for conducting investigative activities, refrigerators with cooling chambers for a thousand places, warehouses with coffins and funeral accessories, and farewell rooms. The estimated cost of building the facility in Rostov-on-Don is almost 600 million rubles (PLN 31 million), and in Kursk – over 800 million rubles (PLN 42 million). The refrigeration equipment in each of these complexes is worth over one billion rubles, i.e. over PLN 52 million, Ukrainian military intelligence reported on the Telegram channel.

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“Terrorist Russia it is no longer able to hide the huge losses of its army,” the general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces commented on these reports. The media in Kiev commented that the Russians “cannot cope with the influx of the dead.”

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Russian soldiers. Illustrative photo mil.ru

Loss estimates

Ukrainian authorities and observers in Western countries give divergent estimates of Russian losses. According to the assessment of the general staff in Kiev, the Russian army has so far lost 207,910 soldiers (killed and wounded). In the last day in Ukraine 470 Russian soldiers died.

May 21 President of the United States Joe Biden announced that in the city of Bakhmut (in the Donetsk region), which has been attacked by the aggressor’s forces since August 2022, the Russians lost over 100,000 soldiers.

These data concern e.g. mercenaries fighting in the Wagner Group formation, which is withdrawing its subunits from Bachmut, handing over the positions of the regular Russian army.

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