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Ukrainian MP: Poland has emerged as our greatest friend

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Poland has truly emerged as our greatest friend. And we would like to thank Poland and every Pole very much for this – said Mykola Kniażycki, a deputy to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in “Fakty po Faktach” on the second anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine. – The truth about security today is this: either we do everything to ensure that Ukrainians can cope this year (…) or in a few years we will pay a much higher rate – said Paweł Kowal (KO), head of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

Saturday, February 24, marks the second anniversary of the start of the full-scale invasion Russia on Ukraine. The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” were Mykola Kniażycki, deputy to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, co-chairman of the Ukrainian-Polish parliamentary group, and Paweł Kowal (Civic Coalition), head of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

Kniażycki: Poland was the country that set an example for all others

Mykola Kniażycki was asked about where Ukrainians get the motivation and strength to continue fighting. – From history. We remember those hundreds of years, a thousand years, when the Russians constantly wanted to destroy Ukraine. Everyone remembers it. Every family remembers the hunger. Every family remembers what happened after World War I and during World War II. Russia wanted to destroy the Ukrainians all the time, he replied. – This is why we fight and this is why we believe that we will win – added Kniażycki.

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The Ukrainian MP said that in terms of support for his country, “of course Poland was the country that set an example to all other countries.” – Poland has truly emerged as our greatest friend. And we would like to thank Poland and every Pole for this, he said.

Kowal: For us, the task is one, simple

As Paweł Kowal said, “hundreds of thousands of people are standing on the front line and fighting, so for us there is one, simple task.” – Even for someone who is guided by calculation, I would like him to understand that today it is easier to pay more, I am talking to the West primarily, for ammunition and arming Ukraine and support on the front, than to pay in a few years with the blood of subsequent nations of Central Europe. This is really such a dilemma today, he added.

Paweł Kowal and Mykola Kniażycki in “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

– In fact, there is not a day that goes by without the Prime Minister or the Minister of Foreign Affairs dealing with it. I, as head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and all people who have any influence on this action do it every day, during every international visit, he continued.

– People in Poland want security, and the truth about security today is this: either we do everything to ensure that the Ukrainians can cope this year and that not only the Russians do not break the front line, but also so that they have to advance to their territory, or For several years we have been paying a much higher rate, said Paweł Kowal.

Kniazhitsky: The Russians are doing everything to make us enemies

Kniażycki also referred to the crisis on the Polish-Ukrainian border related to the transport of Ukrainian agricultural products. – We all understand that there is this problem at the border that everyone is talking about in Ukraine now. I hope it will be resolved, because Poland’s support is really important to us, he said.

– And we receive this support on an international scale when Prime Minister Tusk goes to the European Commission, where he supports us, talks about armament, and speaks out against Russia. This is really very important to us, he continued.

As he added, “it is important to us that Poland is a democratic country and became democratic after the elections.” – The Russians are doing everything to turn our nations into enemies. There is a lot of provocation on social media. (…) The Russians are doing everything to ensure that these conflicts also exist in the middle of Polish society – said the Ukrainian MP.

– Because of this, I think that the Ukrainian card that is being played in these farmers’ protests obviously has a very bad impact on our future. It has a negative impact on the prospects for solving this problem, he said.

Kowal: we have done a lot in this matter

– We have done a lot in this matter – said Paweł Kowal about the action of the Polish authorities in the crisis at the border. – The Prime Minister informed the Ukrainian authorities through appropriate channels what was done at this stage and what the situation actually looked like – he added.

– We will protect those agricultural sectors that require support today, because this is the right thing to do – he added. – Our position is simple, the Ukrainian side knows it very well and knows that we support Ukraine very much. There is not the slightest doubt in this matter, he noted.

– We will effectively solve the farmers’ protest – he declared. Kowal was asked what the topic of the Prime Minister’s announcement would be Donald Tusk meeting of the governments of Poland and Ukraine on March 28. The politician replied that these would be routine intergovernmental talks and intergovernmental consultations. – This is not a new intervention, but a planned one – noted Kowal.

He also informed that the meeting would include talks on joint production of ammunition, energy, energy transmission and culture. – It will be a joint meeting of governments, but it is not related to the situation on the border, because by then the situation on the border will have been resolved – he said.

Farmers’ protests

For several days now, numerous protests by farmers have been taking place all over Poland, blocking, among others, roads, expressways, highways, and border crossings with Ukraine. Farmers oppose the inflow of Ukrainian goods and the European Union’s policy related to the so-called Green Deal.

On Wednesday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the Polish and EU authorities to organize a meeting on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Its topic was to be the solution of the grain crisis. Zelensky, who himself declared his readiness to appear at the border, asked for the presence of, among others, Prime Minister Donald Tusk and a representative of the European Commission.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Thursdaythat in order to ensure 100 percent guarantee that military and humanitarian aid will reach Ukraine without delays, border crossings with Ukraine and indicated sections of roads and railway tracks will be included in the list of critical infrastructure facilities.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, who arrived on Friday afternoon at the border with Poland, reported that no meeting with members of the Polish government took place here. He thanked Donald Tusk for the decision to include the crossings with Ukraine in the country’s critical infrastructure, but announced possible “retaliatory measures” if the border is not unblocked by March 28.

Delegation of the Ukrainian government at the Korczowa-Krakowiec border crossing Ukrainian Prime Minister Press-service / AFP/EastNews

Shmyhal he also presented a planconsisting of five steps, the aim of which is to unblock the border.

Main photo source: TVN24

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