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Ulim, Gorzów Wielkopolski. A series of arson attacks. The townspeople have had enough, they have offered a reward for helping to capture the arsonist

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A series of fires in the town of Ulim (near Gorzów Wielkopolski). Since the end of June, there have been five of them. Cars, forest litter and barracks were on fire. Firefighters are sure it was deliberate arson. The victims offered a reward – five thousand zlotys – for help in finding the perpetrator.

The fires in Ulim, which the services say are the result of deliberate setting fire, began on Tuesday, June 22. At night, the information about burning cars on Granitowa Street, opposite the fire station’s fire station, reached the fire station. On the same day, an empty barrack on Rubinowa Street burned down. “Thanks to the quick reaction of the residents who noticed the fire and informed the fire brigade, the fire was contained before it passed to the nearby forest,” report the friends of the Volunteer Fire Department in Ulim on their social media profile.


Two days later, four groups went to Rubinowa Street, this time cars were on fire. Again, there was a risk that the fire would spread to nearby trees, fortunately the situation was quickly brought under control.

Burned cars in UlimVolunteer Fire Department Ulim

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Another fire in this area broke out on July 27. “At 12.04 we were directed to a fire of the lack and a piece of forest in our town. This is the fourth arson in this place, maybe someone saw someone hanging around on the road between our town and Dzierżów between 11 and 12?” – friends asked on their profile.

Firefighters are sure that the fire does not occur by accidentVolunteer Fire Department Ulim

The last one took place on Thursday after 7 p.m. A barrack was on fire, this time not next to a forest or a field, but near a residential building.

Residents are looking for the arsonist, the police are investigating

It has not yet been established who is responsible for the fires. The people of Ulim who experienced the greatest damage offered a reward. Initially, it was two thousand zlotys, now the amount has more than doubled. – They appeal to anyone who has any information about these incidents to urgently contact the police. They offer five thousand zlotys for help in finding the perpetrator – says Dominik Zatylny from the TSO in Ulim.

The arson case is being investigated by the police. – We are currently conducting intensive activities in the case of article 288 of the Penal Code, i.e. damage to property. For the sake of the proceedings, I cannot say anything more about the activities, says Commissioner Magdalena Ziętek from the municipal police in Gorzów. He only adds that they have recently had six reports of property damage in the area.

This crime is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: OSP Ulim, OSP Krasowiec

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