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Ulleung, South Korea. Moments of terror in a tourist park. Falling boulders injured four people

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A very dangerous accident occurred in a tourist park on the South Korean island of Ulleung. Rocks fell on a group of tourists. Four people were injured.

The incident occurred on Monday before 7 a.m. local time (around midnight in Poland). Nearly 400 tons of boulders fell on the place where the people were. Tourists who camped in the park famous for its turtle-shaped rock formation suffered.

A woman over 20 years old suffered head injuries. She was taken to hospital with symptoms of intracerebral hemorrhage. Three other people were slightly injured.

The volcanic island of Ulleung lies in the Sea of ​​Japan, approximately 120 kilometers east of the Korean Peninsula. Local officials are urging tourists to be careful and avoid areas marked as being at risk of rockslides, Yonhap reported.

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