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Unauthorized broadcasting of a radio-stop signal in the area of ​​Szczecin. Train delays, PKP PLK statement

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PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe confirmed that during the night from Friday to Saturday in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship, an unauthorized radio-stop signal was broadcast, triggering an emergency stop of trains. There were delays in the running of trains.

On Saturday after 3 o’clock, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe published a statement in which it was described that on Friday at 21.23 on the section Daleszewo-Szczecin Główny and Choszczno-Szczecin Główny “a radio-stop signal was broadcast by an unknown perpetrator”. “The signal was received by traffic control posts and train drivers located in the indicated area” – added.

It was assured that the passengers were safe, but by 11.30 p.m. more than 20 trains were delayed. It was reported that “for security reasons”, freight traffic was suspended until 2 p.m.

The services, including the Internal Security Agency, the police, the Railway Security Guard and carriers were notified of the incident. A special team consisting of representatives of the infrastructure manager and carriers has also been appointed, which monitors the situation on an ongoing basis and watches over the safe and efficient organization of train traffic.

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The radio-stop signal sent by the perpetrators means danger on the railway route and causes automatic braking of the train. The signal was developed to prevent railway accidents and has been used throughout Poland for many years.

Radio-stop alarm buttonTVN24

That night, it was also signaled that railway workers in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship – in addition to the radio-stop signal – were also to hear the national anthem Russia. PKP PLK did not comment on this information.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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