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“Unbelievable Cobra-Style Landing”. But not true

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More than 10 million views online has a video showing the famous cobra maneuver performed by the fighter. It requires exceptional skills from the pilot. However, the video does not show the truth.

Internet users are delighted with the astonishing landing of a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier, which is shown by a video that is very popular on social media. It has over 10 million views and tens of thousands of reactions. The video lasts only 17 seconds. It shows a plane flying over the surface of the sea, which suddenly rises vertically just in front of the aircraft carrier’s apron – to land on it in a moment.

The reactions of Internet users are full of admiration. “Wow, very nice show!”; “Amazing skills!”; “Well done!”; “I’m so disappointed that Maverick [bohater słynnego “Top Guna”] didn’t land his plane like that”; “Wow, that’s cool”; “Unbelievable SU-27 cobra-style landing,” they write. Though some note: “People say this movie is a video game. A Russian Su-35 pilot lands on the short runway of an American aircraft carrier.

Indeed, the recording does not show the real landing – which was first checked by the American portal Newsweek.com.

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What is the cobra maneuver

The recording will show the Cobra maneuver, also known as Pugachev’s cobra. This is a very effective acrobatics. It consists in the fact that the plane stands vertically nose up like a cobra and – as if contradicting the laws of physics – for a moment flies fuselage forward. This is an example of the highest craftsmanship of pilots. It requires great skill, and due to its complexity, this aerobatics can only be performed on certain aircraft. Not all of them are able to withstand the then occurring overloads.

It was the Soviet pilot Viktor Pugachev who popularized this maneuver. It can be seen in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick”, where the title character, played by Tom Cruise, piloting an F-18, lets a hostile Russian plane pass in this way. In reality, however, these planes cannot perform this maneuver.

It’s a combat flight simulator

The maneuver seen in the popular video seems to be even more difficult to perform because it shows landing on an aircraft carrier. However, the video is not real. It was first shared on February 12 on the user’s Instagram MasterArm along with hashtags indicating that it is a fragment of a computer game – Digital Combat Simulator World. Anyway, the description of this user’s account indicates that he regularly publishes frames from flying on the simulator. The post with the cobra maneuver has over 290,000 views. likes.

It is also worth paying attention to the country of origin of both the aircraft and the aircraft carrier visible in the video. “Russian planes do not land on American ships,” an unnamed US Pentagon spokesman told Newsweek.

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