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underage. He was searching for agricultural equipment with a metal detector, he came across a jug full of coins from the 17th century

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Someone put them in a ceramic jug and buried them. They have been in the ground for hundreds of years. Some have stuck together due to oxidation processes. It is about a thousand crown and Lithuanian shillings from the 17th century. They were found in the town of Zaniówka in the Lublin province.

A prospector with a metal detector wanted to find contemporary pieces of mechanical equipment for farm equipment. However, in the village of Zaniówka in the Parczew district, he found a real archaeological treasure.

It is a ceramic jug full of coins, according to the conservation services, crown and Lithuanian shillings from the 17th century. There are about a thousand of them.

The pitcher was full of coinsWUOZ in Lublin

The coins are in varying degrees of preservation

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“In addition to coins, fragments of fabric were found in the jug, and ceramic fragments of the damaged jug were also secured” – we read on the Facebook profile of the Lublin Voivodship Conservator of Monuments.

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In addition to pennies, ceramic fragments were also secured WUOZ in Lublin

The whole thing weighs about three kilograms. The coins are in varying degrees of preservation. The largest part was in the jug. There were also those that lay loose (115 pieces) and those that stuck together as a result of oxidation processes. There were 62 such “conglomerates”.

The find will go to the museum

According to the conservation services, the treasure was located in the subsoil layer of an arable field at the outskirts of the economic (including historical) Zaniówka area.

The coins come from the 17th century WUOZ in Lublin

“The object will be transferred in its entirety to the archeology department of the Museum of Southern Podlasie in Biała Podlaska” – we read in the entry.

Main photo source: WUOZ in Lublin

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