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Unemployment and length of work in the European Union – Eurostat data. This is how Poland turned out

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According to Eurostat data, unemployment in Poland was 3 percent in April, compared to 2.9 percent in March. This is the second lowest result in the European Union. The Czechs have the lowest unemployment rate. The EU statistical office also provided data on weekly working hours. Poles are among the countries with the most work.

The number of unemployed in April was 528,000. compared to 523 thousand in last month. Unemployment rate at 2.7 percent. in April they noted The czech republic.

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Unemployment in Europe

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In April 2024 unemployment rate In euro zone amounted to 6.4 percent, which means a decrease from 6.5 percent. in March 2024 and April 2023. The unemployment rate in the EU was 6.0%. in April 2024, which is the same compared to March 2024 and April 2023.

Eurostat estimates that in April 2024, 13.149 million people in the EU were unemployed, of which 10.998 million in the euro area.

Compared to March 2024, unemployment decreased by 103,000. people in the EU and by 100 thousand in the euro zone. Compared to April 2023, unemployment increased by 95,000. in the EU and decreased by 101 thousand in the euro zone.

The highest unemployment was recorded in Spain (11.7%) i Greece (10.8%), and the lowest in the Czech Republic and Poland (2.7 and 3%, respectively).

Poles are among the longest working people

Eurostat also published data on the length of the working week in individual countries. In 2023, the actual weekly working time of people aged 20-64 in their main job in the EU was 36.1 hours on average.

A closer look at EU countries reveals significant differences. The longest working weeks were recorded in Greece (39.8 hours), Romania (39.5), Poland (39.3) and Bulgaria (39.0).

In turn, the shortest working week was recorded in Netherlands (32.2 hours), then in Austria (33.6) i Germany (34.0).

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