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Unemployment benefit 2023. Rates from June. How much is net per hand? How long does it last?

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The amount of unemployment benefit has increased by as much as PLN 368 per hand since June 2023. The amount of the benefit depends on the length of service and the period for which it is received.

Sum unemployment benefit is set for the period from June 1 to May 31 of the following year. From June, the amount of the benefit changes and is subject to indexation.

How much is unemployment benefit in 2023?

The currently applicable amount of the allowance is specified in the announcement of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of 2 May 2023 (MP 2023 item 496). How much a person who has lost their job gets depends on the length of their service.

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People who have worked less than five years will receive from 1 June PLN 1,193.60 gross (PLN 1,086.18 net) in the first third months and PLN 937.30 gross (PLN 852.94 net) later. This is an increase of almost PLN 231 and PLN 172 “in hand” in relation to the benefit that the unemployed person was entitled to until May 31. It is 80 percent. basic allowance.

However, the full amount of the benefit is payable to persons who have worked for five to 20 years. 100 percent basic allowance from June 1, 2023 will be PLN 1,491.90 gross (PLN 1,357.63 net) in the first three months. In the following months, the benefit will be reduced to PLN 1,171.60 gross (PLN 1,066.16 net). This means that the benefit for people with such seniority will increase by PLN 299 and PLN 225 net respectively.

An even higher allowance is available to persons with the longest, over 20 years, work experience. Such people can count on 120 percent. basic benefit amount. From June 2023 it is, in the first three months, PLN 1,790.30 gross (PLN 1,629.17 net). Thereafter, the amount of the benefit is reduced to PLN 1,406.00 gross (PLN 1,279.46 net). The increase in relation to the amount applicable until the end of May will therefore be PLN 368 and PLN 297 “on hand”.

Who is entitled to unemployment benefit?

The basis for receiving unemployment benefits is registration at the employment office. To be able to do this, you must, of course, be an unemployed person, i.e. not bound by any employment relationship – on a mandate contract, for a specific task, running your own business or employment contract.

Another condition that must be met in order to receive unemployment benefit is to prove that you have been employed for at least a year within the 18 months preceding registration at the employment office and received at least the minimum wage. This period does not include periods of unpaid leave lasting a total of more than 30 days.

How long does unemployment benefit last?

An unemployed person may receive the benefit for a period of 6 to 12 months. The maximum duration of unemployment benefit depends on unemployment rates in the area inhabited by an unemployed person.

If the unemployment rate in this area did not exceed 150 percent. national unemployment rate, the unemployed person has the right to receive the benefit for a period of 6 months. If the unemployment rate exceeded 150%, then the possible duration of receiving the benefit is extended to 12 months.

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