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United Kingdom – agreement with the European Union. Prime Minister Sunak on the unique position of Northern Ireland

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Thanks to the new agreement with the European Union, Northern Ireland will be in a unique position in the world – said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Tuesday in Belfast, convincing to support the Windsor framework agreed the day before.

They are a response to trade problems between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, created by the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the Brexit terms and conditions.

Sunak: No one else has it

According to the agreement announced on Monday, named windsor frames, restrictions and bureaucratic requirements for importing into Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom those goods that remain there will be removed, and the local parliament will be able to block the entry into force of new EU regulations in the province in certain situations; these still apply to a limited extent in Northern Ireland, as it has remained part of the EU’s single market under the terms of Brexit.

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Sunak emphasized that the fact that northern Ireland being able to have open access to the EU market and at the same time have unfettered access to the UK internal market puts it in an “incredibly unique position” not available to any other trading country.


He said that if the deal he negotiated was accepted, Northern Ireland would be in a “unique position globally, on the European continent, to have privileged access not only to the UK domestic market, which is huge, the fifth largest in the world, but also into the single market of the European Union. No one else has it.”

The British government made it clear on Tuesday that there would be no predetermined deadline for Northern Ireland’s political parties to decide whether they supported the new deal. Before leaving for Northern Ireland, Sunak said they needed time to consider a deal, but said he was confident they would consider it a good deal, allowing the province to return to a functioning government.

Parliament building in BelfastPAP/EPA/MARK MARLOW

Awaiting party positions

While none of Northern Ireland’s main parties have made a clear statement of their position yet, the key is which will be taken by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the largest unionist party, as it is its withdrawal from the government in protest against the Protocol that has paralyzed the functioning of the authorities for more than a year province. DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson reiterated on Tuesday that the Windsor framework somewhat addressed objections the party had to the minutes, but some issues remained. He announced that the decision on this matter would be taken by the whole party and it would take time.


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