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United Right. Jan Strzeżek on the future of the Agreement in the ruling camp: every scenario is on the table

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Deputy spokesman for the Covenant Jan Strzeżek on Friday in the Sejm referred to the tense situation in the ruling camp after Anna Kornecka was dismissed from the position of deputy minister of development. As he reported, everything will turn out on Saturday after the party board. Strzeżek said he knows at least a few politicians from the Covenant board who want to leave the coalition.

On Wednesday, government spokesman Piotr Mueller said that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had decided to dismissal of Anna Kornecka from the function of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology. Earlier, he also referred to Kornecka’s statement, which on Tuesday on TVN24 criticized the tax solutions proposed in the Polish Lada. As the deputy minister said, the Agreement “very clearly sets the limits and opposes such a sharp increase in taxes”.


Anna Kornecka reacted to her resignation on Twitter. “There is no consent to drastically increasing taxes and tributes for them. I do not regret paying for it by resignation” – she wrote. About my She also spoke about the appeal in an interview with the TVN24 reporter.

Minister Kornecka’s appeal was negatively received by the politicians of the Alliance. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin said that this decision was not consulted with him. On Friday, he appointed Kornecka to the function of the minister’s plenipotentiary for investments and the Green Deal.

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Anna Kornecka and Jarosław Gowinhttps://twitter.com/MRPiT_GOV_PL

Strzeżek on the future of the United Right: everything will turn out tomorrow

The tense situation in the ruling camp after the dismissal of Anna Kornecka was referred to on Friday in the Sejm by the vice-officer of the Agreement, Jan Strzeżek. Journalists in the Sejm asked him whether Gowin Kornecka’s appointment as a proxy before Saturday’s board of the Agreement meant that the party wanted to remain in the ruling coalition.

Strzeżek replied that “there are still things that Minister Kornecka simply had to do”. He indicated that it is, among others, for signatures under documents. – What will happen next, everything will turn out tomorrow, we have a board meeting, a decision will be made tomorrow. We say all the time that the dismissal of the coalition party minister, and this was what we had to do on Wednesday, was even a non-violation, and a breach of the coalition agreement – he said. “Absolute mistake,” he added.

The vice-officer for the Covenant stated that “the mood in the party is, colloquially speaking, unsatisfactory”.

Guard on the future of the Agreement on the United Right: every scenario is on the tableTVN24

Guard: Each scenario is on the table

When asked if there were any politicians who wanted to leave the ruling coalition, Strzeżek replied that “he knows at least a few of them”. “We’re talking about the party board,” he added.

– Everything will be known tomorrow, the board of the Agreement consists of 50 people. I talked to most of the members of the Agreement’s management board, I myself am a member of the party’s governing bodies and I must admit that not even with irritation, not with anger, but this is another behavior of this type, which strongly violates some confidence in our coalition partners – said Strzeżek.

When asked if there was a scenario of the Agreement leaving the coalition on the table, he replied “yes, of course it is”. – There is every scenario on the table, I know politicians from the Covenant who also allow such a variant, said the vice spokesman for the Covenant.

Strzeżek assessed that the dismissal of Kornecka was an “absolute mistake”, and that there were “people who colloquially speaking are unfit” in the government. In addition – as he said – there were bills that contradicted the ideas of the United Right, such as the lex anti-TVN project or tax increases.

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