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United States. Destructive tornadoes destroyed cities. There are fatalities

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Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms swept through the United States on Tuesday and Wednesday. In Missouri, the wind damaged dozens of buildings and contributed to the death of at least five people. One death from the storms was also reported in neighboring Kentucky.

On Tuesday and Wednesday through the central and southern parts of the United States passed through a series of violent stormsthat brought hail with them, lightning strikes and tornadoes. In the Midwest region, the destructive wind downed trees, downed power lines and devastated buildings.

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“It was pitch black outside”

Before sunrise on Wednesday, a tornado hit Bollinger County, Missouri. Several towns were in the way of the element, including the county capital, Marble Hill. Strong winds tore off the roofs of many houses, and the surviving buildings were severely damaged. Frightened people took refuge in the cellars.

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– We all ran down and huddled against the wall – said a resident of the small town of Glen Allen, which was devastated by the element. – My brother-in-law took shelter seconds before we heard the roar of the wind and debris flying around us.

“It was pitch black outside with dark clouds, strong winds and rain and lightning flashes,” one Marble Hill resident added.

At least five people were killed in a tornado in Bollinger County, state emergency services said. Five residents were injured and 87 buildings damaged, including 12 destroyed, Reuters reported.

After a tornado in MissouriReuters

After a tornado in MissouriReuters

Destruction in subsequent states

The fierce weather likely contributed to the death of one person in the Louisville, Kentucky area, local media reported. A tornado swept through the southern part of the city, blowing the roof off an apartment block. The storms also took their toll on the inhabitants of Illinois – in the west of the state, a tornado tore off the roof of a gas station building, and in Chicago, strong winds destroyed the facades of historic churches.

The tornado hit Bollinger County a few days after a similar tornado ravaged areas in the South and Midwest of the United States. At least 32 people died. A week earlier, a tornado devastated the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, killing 26 people.

After a tornado in MissouriReuters

According to Bill Bunting of the National Weather Service (NWS), tornadoes in the Midwest tend to occur in late spring. This year’s early wave of extreme weather events is a repetition of the trend observed over the past few years.

“While we are likely to have a few relatively calm days after the atmospheric system moves eastward from the US, we are entering a period when the likelihood of hazardous weather is increasing and much more of the country is at risk,” he explained.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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