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United States. US President Joe Biden received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House

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US President Joe Biden received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House on Friday. The politicians’ talks concerned, among other things, further aid for Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East.

President of the USA Joe Biden at a press conference, he said that Congress would be guilty of a “crime of negligence” if it did not enact aid funding for Ukraine and thanked the chancellor German Olaf Scholz for his efforts to provide military support for Kiev.

– I want to thank you, Olaf, for your leadership from the very beginning. You did something no one thought was possible: you doubled German military aid to Ukraine this year, Biden said.

Scholz: Germany and the US must play a role in maintaining world peace

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Scholz assured that Germany is ready to increase its support for arms supplies to Ukraine. – Germany i United States they must play a role in maintaining world peace, he said.

– This is especially visible in the face of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine. I believe it is necessary that we make every effort to support Ukraine and give it a chance to defend its country, added the German Chancellor.

Olaf Scholz met with Joe BidenJULIA NIKHINSON/PAP/EPA

He also referred to Putin’s interview with American commentator Tucker Carlson, calling it “absurd.” Putin “wants to take over part of the territory of his neighbors,” Scholz said.

The politicians’ talks also concerned the crisis in the Middle East. Biden assured that negotiations are underway to release the hostages and increase humanitarian aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

Negotiations on a package of funds to support Ukraine

The US Senate voted on Wednesday to continue processing the package of funds to support Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. This happened a day after a bill linking these measures to immigration reforms was rejected.

The bill voted on in the Senate provides for a total of USD 95 billion in additional budget expenditure, of which USD 60.06 billion is expenditure related to assistance to Ukraine. Despite the Senate taking a key step towards adopting funds for Ukraine, the fate of the package is uncertain.

The Senate will next consider the amendments and only then vote on the final adoption. Although the final adoption of the bill by the Senate is likely, the text will then go to the House of Representatives. House Speaker Mike Johnson has previously opposed combining Israel and Ukraine appropriations issues.

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Main photo source: JULIA NIKHINSON/PAP/EPA

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