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Unnaturally warm weather in Poland. How long will it stay with us?

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On Friday, the weather in Poland will be controlled by a huge low over Iceland. It will bring cloudy skies and precipitation, but thermometers will still show values ​​above zero. As the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, explained on TVN24, this high temperature for February will stay with us for a while.

The aura in Poland is still shaped by the Atlantic lows. As the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, explained in the “You Get Up and Know” program, on Friday the weather control will be taken over by a powerful system that is currently located over Iceland, with a pressure in the center of only 970 hectopascals.

Bad weather zones

The Icelandic low is accompanied by two atmospheric fronts. The first of them, warm, is currently located near the border of Poland and Germany. It will bring rain during the day. The second “arm” of the low is a cold front located over the Atlantic.

– This low pressure and its atmospheric fronts, i.e. these bad weather zones, are moving from west to east – explained Wasilewski, pointing to the map. – Precipitation will occur as this front moves over Central Europe.

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The weather in Poland is also indirectly shaped by the high pressure from the southwestern part of Europe – thanks to it, it is now sunny in France and Spain. This system, together with the Atlantic lows, push moist, warm air towards Poland.

– For this reason, the thermometers are and will be 8-9 degrees above zero – said the presenter.

Emergency situation over Europetvnmeteo.pl

Winter will come again

The beginning of February brought us unusually warm weather this year – in a large part of the country the temperature is “plus” not only during the day, but also at night. The unnaturally warm weather will remain with us for a while, at least until February 14.

– Until then, with various fluctuations (…) this maximum temperature chart is still above zero and these are often solidly positive values ​​- explained Wasilewski.

Although the next few days will bring fleeting snowfalls, and it may even turn white for a while, we still have to wait for the real return of winter.

Temperature forecast for Warsaw until February 14tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Iurii Gagarin/AdobeStock/tvnmeteo.pl

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