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UOKiK report of the Trade Inspection. Correct marking of prices at sellers

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The Trade Inspection, commissioned by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, inspected how sellers reported prices. As it was announced in the announcement, mistakes were made by every second seller, and reservations were raised by every seventh inspected product.

UOKiK emphasizes that one of the basic rights of consumers is the ability to freely choose the offer that best suits them in terms of price or product properties.

Prices in shops – UOKiK control

“In the first half of 2021, the Trade Inspection checked whether in shops and in various places where services are provided, entrepreneurs clearly show the prices of goods and services in a clear, clear and comparing manner. placed in advertising materials “- we read in the release.

As reported, the inspectors checked 1,530 entities and over 280,000 batches of products. It turned out that mistakes were made by every second seller, and reservations were raised by every seventh (14 percent) verified product.

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– Entrepreneurs, despite the obligation, most often did not put unit prices next to products or did not display prices at all. It happened that they miscalculated unit prices, used inappropriate provisions in price lists, eg imprecise ranges “from … to …” and did not inform about the nominal amount of food and drinks served – explains Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

“In 1022 stores, the inspectors also compared the compliance of the prices on the shelf with those encoded at the checkout. Higher prices on the bill concerned almost 5% of the products inspected. In addition, the inspectors made a control purchase at 1050 points to check whether they were serving their customers reliably. whether the seller deducts the weight of the package when purchasing a cake by weight.

Prices in stores – penalties imposed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

– Price labeling checks last all year round – inspectors of the Trade Inspection check in the field whether entrepreneurs provide this information important for decisions, and whether they do not mislead consumers. The sum of penalties for violating the obligations regarding the display of prices and the reliability of calculating the payment for products has so far exceeded PLN 350,000. PLN – adds the President of UOKiK.

The Office reminds that each seller is obliged to display the correct price of the goods.

“Persistent and continuous failure to comply with it may result in the recognition of such a practice as a violation of collective consumer interests. Last year, complaints against this type of action gave rise to the initiation of proceedings against Jeronimo Martins Polska (owner of the Biedronka chain), which ended imposing a fine of PLN 115 million“- underlined.

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