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Urgent study, distant completion date. This is the reality of cancer patients in Poland

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How many times do patients hear that treatment would be much easier if they had examined themselves earlier? Perhaps this is no more true than with cancer. What if someone wants to get tested and has a referral? Then he might find out that “immediately” means “next year.”

Cancer is a serious disease. His treatment in Poland is also difficult. As for the resonance, for example in Jaworzno, “urgent” dates are available in September, and “planned” dates only in January. In Chorzów it is the beginning of October and the end of November, and in Gorzów the end of February.

Representatives of Alivia Onkofundacja confirm that the queues for magnetic resonance imaging are getting longer. In the regular queue, patients wait an average of 75 days for this examination. Compared to 2022, this is an increase of thirteen days. Urgent patients – those with cancer – wait a little shorter, 56 days. That’s an increase of twelve days. The data is averaged. It looks different in individual voivodships and centres. – We test magnetic resonance, computed tomography and PET. For example, Mazowieckie, when it comes to PET examination, is the worst. Even in the ordinary queue, you can wait 152 days – informs Aleksandra Ciompała, Alivia Onkofundacja.

Szczylik: Cancer incidence is measured with the awareness that the annual increase is about two or three percentTVN24

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Endless waiting

Mrs. Agnieszka Kuźma from Warsaw has been fighting breast cancer for the fifth year. Two months ago, it turned out that he had a recurrence. – When I heard from the doctor that I had to do specific tests (…), i.e. tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, or PET, I heard that the waiting list for such tests was four months, says Agnieszka. This is an offer for a cancer patient who should have an examination performed immediately. The DILO card does not help. In Zgorzelec, cancer patients are waiting for an MRI until 2024. “Patients are still waiting for a description of such a study. In the case of MRI, the waiting time is up to 25 days. You can wait up to 25 days for a description (…). Then he has to make an appointment with a specialist. This is another dozen or so days – explains Aleksandra Ciompała.

Miss Agnes did well. That’s how many people do it too. – Thanks to the fact that I started this machine, the waiting time in my queue was definitely shortened, and within a week I did the research. The acquaintances worked – says Mrs. Agnieszka. Others, to shorten the queue, pay for tests. However, not everyone has money and connections.

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