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Ursynów. Protest against poplar logging

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The obituary was hung on one of the Ursynów poplars. In this way, the inhabitants wanted to express their opposition to cutting down the tree. Earlier, officials said that the plant had to go under the ax because it was destroying the pavement.

It started with an interpellation that was received by officials at the end of June. Its author was the councilor of Ursynów, Magdalena Rogozińska, who asked for the correction of the ankle on the pavement running along KEN avenue. She wrote: beautiful, healthy trees grow there, which are very much needed in this place, unfortunately the roots make the pavement uneven. There may be times when someone breaks a leg or gets a bruise.

And she added: I am asking you to include these two elements. First – preserving trees, second – improving paving stones.

However, after an on-site inspection, officials decided that the tree had to be cut down.

Destroyed pavement haloursynow.pl

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Officials: let’s cut the tree

Officials said the sidewalk could not be repaired without cutting down the tree.

“During the meeting with the residents of this estate and representatives of the Greenery Board, the employees of ZOM informed that the housing community is responsible for the technical condition of the pavement. It was agreed that after the community took action in the area administered by it, ZOM would commission the repair of the pavement surface in the managed area. Zieleni reported cutting a growing tree, because its roots damaged the pavement, and due to the low entrances to staircases and commercial premises, it was not possible to change the pavement profiles or remove their gradients. In addition, the subway ceiling is located shallow under the pavement “- wrote the councilor Łukasz Puchalski , director of the Municipal Roads Authority.

The councilor did not agree with the decision and sent another interpellation on this matter. She asked Robert Kempa, the district mayor, to meet the gardeners. The inhabitants were also involved in hanging an obituary on the poplar. They wrote: “I was given a death sentence for my will to live. Sorry to destroy your pavement.”

They also came to organize a meeting on this issue, which was held on Thursday.

They are looking for solutions

The representatives of the Ursynów town hall, the Green Management Board and the cooperative met by the poplar. Everyone agreed that the tree would not be cut down yet.

“We have agreed that the green area around the tree will be enlarged, and the Jary Cooperative together with Zielenie Warszawska The Municipal Roads Authority in Warsaw will work out a method of repairing the rest of the pavement. “I asked the cooperative to inform better than before about logging. Unfortunately, the cooperative is not always informed about such logging” – wrote Paweł Lenarczyk, councilor of Ursynów after the meeting.

“At the moment, the vast poplar at al. KEN 105 has been saved. What will happen next depends on finding effective solutions for the reconstruction of the pavement” – wrote Bartosz Dominiak, vice-mayor of Ursynów.

We also wrote about the uprising on tvnwarszawa.pl Tree Crown Maps:

“Map of the Tree Crowns is the only and the first project on such a scale in our country”Warsaw City Hall


Main photo source: haloursynow.pl

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