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Uruguay. Drought. Salt water flows in the taps

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Uruguayans are facing an unprecedented drought. There are difficulties in the supply of drinking water in the country. In many municipalities, salt water flows from the tap, and the government is rushing to build a new retention reservoir, local media write.

The drought in Uruguay has been going on for more than seven months. Uruguayan newspapers “El Pais” and “La Diaria” write that the quality of water supplied by the water supply is so low that in recent months the failure rate of household appliances has increased. The main problem, they add, is the high salinity of the water.

Water shortages

The media note that many citizens protesting in the streets of Uruguayan cities in recent days are contesting the inappropriate, in their opinion, hydrological policy of public authorities, including the lack of a sufficient number of deep wells. They indicate that water shortages in Uruguay are so serious that on June 19, the country’s president Luis Lacalle Pou issued a hydrological emergency decree. It obliges water supply companies to maintain its fixed price, and also limits water consumption to activities necessary for the functioning of the country. In addition, on the basis of the decree, the construction of a new retention reservoir is to be completed by the end of July this year, which will improve the water supply to the capital of the country – Montevideo.

Drought in Uruguay Reuters Archive

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Bottled water sales increase

Consumer organizations indicate that due to the drought, sales of water in large bottles have increased in retail outlets across the country. The demand for it is so great that some stores have introduced restrictions on its sale. Hope for a temporary improvement in the hydrological situation is brought by the forecasts of the national meteorological institute (Inumet), according to which heavy rainfall will occur in the central part of the country in the coming days.

Drought causes critical water shortages in UruguayReuters Archive

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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