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US aid for Kiev. Gen. Skrzypczak on the future of Ukraine

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On Saturday 311 members of the House of Representativesincluding 101 z Republican Party, supported Act on aid for Ukrainy. After the results were announced, there was applause and shouts of joy. 112 there were deputies (all from the Republican side). against. The vote took place almost half a year after the idea for support was announced.

– Ukraine paid a very high price for this time because it had weakened defense capabilities, and the Russians took advantage of this, beating it as much as they wanted. It was Ukraine that suffered these losses, but all democracy – all democratic countries – paid for it – said General Waldemar Skrzypczak in an interview with PAP.

Crucial help from the US. Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak comments

The law on aid for Ukraine is worth just under $61 billion, of which PLN 23 billion are funds to replenish losses in the arsenal as a result of donating equipment to Ukraine, PLN 13.8 billion to purchase equipment for Ukraine, and PLN 11.3 billion to maintain US forces in the region. In addition the bill gives the president powers to transfer weapons worth almost $8 billion in addition to the approximately $4 billion it still has at its disposal.

– Everyone is aware that Ukraine is in a critical situation – there is no ammunition, no anti-aircraft missiles and due to what the Russians are doing, it is close to destruction if there is no immediate help – added the former commander of the land forces.

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According to the military officer, the key will be not how much, but when Ukraine will receive support from the USA.

– This is also a lesson for us – for Poles, because if we were in the same situation, we would experience the same from the Russians – said Skrzypczak.

USA: The first tranche of ammunition for Kiev next week

Now the aid package, along with three others, will go to the Senate, where Democrats have a majority. After the vote, the signature of the US President will be required for the new law to enter into force. Just a few days ago Joe Biden he said that he would “immediately” put his signature on the key bill.

American administration officials unofficially told the media that next week some of the ammunition may reach Ukraine.

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