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US drone hit by Russian plane. Incident on the Black Sea, the media about the details

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An American MQ-9 Reaper drone struck by a Russian Su-27 fighter was unarmed and the collision occurred about 120 kilometers from Crimea, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. According to a PBS reporter, citing a Pentagon official, the Russian pilot struck the drone “uncontrollably” while trying to avoid the collision. “She was an amateur,” he said.

The New York Times reported that MQ-9 was on a routine and pre-planned reconnaissance mission on Tuesday, departing from its base in Romania and was about 120 kilometers from the coast of Crimea when two Su-27 fighters intercepted him. Russian planes were supposed to track it for 30-40 minutes, make dangerous maneuvers around the UAV and drop fuel on it. According to an anonymous representative quoted by the newspaper Pentagonthey probably did it to “blind” the drone or damage its sensors.

MQ-9 ReaperU.S. Air Force

According to PBS television reporter Nick Schifrin, who cites a Pentagon official who saw a video of the incident, The Su-27 hit the MQ-9 in an “uncontrollable manner” and was trying to avoid a collision when it hit the propeller of the drone. – This is not something you would see in a professional pilot. She was an amateur, said the PBS interlocutor.

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After the collision, the machine was unable to fly in a controlled manner and was brought into the sea, where it crashed. Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder did not rule out publishing a video of the incident.

Russian Su-27 aircraftmil.ru

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According to the “Washington Post”, which also cites an anonymous representative of the Ministry of Defense, the recovery of the remains of the drone by USA would be very difficult due to the lack of American ships in the vicinity of the MQ-9 crash site. U.S. warships have not once entered the Black Sea area since the full-scale Russian invasion, although U.S. planes and drones regularly fly in its vicinity. Ryder said earlier that so far the wreck has not been excavated by the Russians either.

The State Department summoned the Russian ambassador

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, summoned to the State Department on Tuesday, told CNN that Russia he does not want a confrontation with the US and prefers “not to create a situation where we may face unintended clashes or unintended incidents between the Russian Federation and the United States.” He added that he had had a “constructive” discussion with the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Karen Donfried.

“WP” notes that the incident provoked various reactions from Republican politicians in Congress. Senator Roger Wicker, the party’s leading representative on the Armed Services Committee, said the case should “serve as a wake-up call to isolationists in the United States that it is in our national interest to treat Putin as the threat he really is.” In this way, he alluded to earlier words of the party’s potential presidential candidate, Governor Ron DeSantis, who stated that opposing Russia on Ukraine and involving these countries in the “territorial dispute” is not in the vital interest of the USA.

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